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Warning for sites without an SSL Certificate

Posted 8 years ago


Confirmed within the last few days, Google Chrome have said that (from January 2017) they will start to flag some sites as “Not Secure” if they do not hold a current SSL Certificate.

Their first step will be to highlight sites that transmit passwords or credit card details (HTTP sites). All other sites are next on the list.

This has been on the cards since March 2014, when only 50% of Google requests were encrypted. Numbers have risen to 75% in the last two years and are in line with their aim for the internet to be safer for users – which is of course great news for everyone.

When a site is encrypted (HTTPS) it shows a padlock symbol in the address bar. Without it snoopers can access your data and manipulate it.

Your site may not currently have an SSL certificate – as it doesn’t require passwords or payments. But in light of these changes we suggest we look at installing one for you. The cost is low compared to the impact a negative flag could have on Google. The annual cost is £70+VAT and it can usually be completed within a week.

Just a note though, with an HTTPS site – as with any site online today – there’s an extremely remote chance that the site can still be accessed by an unwanted party. With an SSL in place the encrypted connection is between your server and your browser – so this element of the traffic cannot be intercepted.

So an SSL certificate is a big step towards securing your site – an important one now more so than ever. If you don’t this can also have a drastic impact on your SEO position.

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