Content Creation


It’s not just your logo or website style that says a lot about your business, the words and tone of voice on your website can in some cases ‘speak louder’ than everything else.

More than just words

Content needs to be search-engine friendly now too, so getting the content right for your site needs more attention than most people think. Other considerations like keeping the amount of words consistent, not duplicating (er… copying) from other sites and using phrases that are relevant to your target audience – all need to be taken into account when choosing a content writing service.

Getting to know your business

Don’t worry, we can help with anything from checking and tweaking your words, creating text from your bullet points, compiling copy from a conversation over the phone or even a meeting to really get to grips with your business and customers.

We have helped many peterborough business produce informative & engaging content that help convert users to take action.

Our experience in producing advertising and marketing campaigns means we can also turn our hands to headline copywriting and creating text for email promotions or any marketing activity.

Let your customers do the content for you

Remember customer reviews, testimonials and case studies make great reading and increase the credibility and trust in your company; it’s always a good idea to prompt and collect these when you can too.

When we plan your website or brochure we agree the sitemap or pagination. This will break the sections down and we can talk through how many words we’ll need for each page and how to supply the copy. We can help as little or as much as you prefer with our content writing service, whatever it takes to get the best result.

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