Creative Photography

Having arranged photography over the years for 100+ page product catalogues and also image grabbing ad campaigns we know how important the right images are for any digital or printed project.

Lights, camera, action

It’s not just lighting, angles, location or models that are important but cost is a key factor for many of our customers. We have photographers that can shoot over a hundred products in a day or those who specialise in people or location – when price is less of an issue but an award-winning shot could be. We can adapt to whatever you need.

The flexibility to come to a customer’s premises is also a bonus. Time is precious and transporting products can be unnecessary as we can also come to you with minimum disruption and cost.

We can arrange videos too. Whether it’s for information, promotion, testimonials or events – video can be a great addition to your site.

Creative Photography can make all the difference

Planning the type of photography you need is something that can easily be overlooked. But with our photography service and a clear brief, your images can stand out from your competitors and even everyday products can look amazing.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to new photography, we also know where to source cost-effective images that fit the brief but don’t bust the budget.

Our experience means we never overlook issues such as the right resolution, file format and size, copyright, model release, usage fees, etc – why get bogged down with arranging your own creative photography when we can sort it for you in a flash. Ha ha get it?

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