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Before we embark on developing our WordPress themes, we  must first establish the structure and navigation by wire-framing your website. This allows users can find the information they need quickly and navigate instinctively through your site. By ensuring we utilise the latest web design trends we can deliver sites with a modern look and feel, with intuitive navigation.

We’ll often do multiple hand-drawn sketches of the wireframes before we settle on one that works for all stakeholders, then recreate it online for your approval.

Once we’ve had a wireframe signed off we move onto the web design. This is when our designers can get really creative with how your site will look. Using the latest web design tools, we can design a beautiful, clean WordPress theme that is tailored specifically for you, whether you are a business start-up or well established.

Our code of conduct

At this point, we can get our heads into the code. We’re geeks. We admit it. It’s extremely important to us from the start that we code in accordance to the current web standards, this will result in your website displaying correctly for all users, whether on desktop machines or smartphones, also allowing future development to come in at a lower cost.

Interested in the nuts and bolts? Starting off with an altered version of INUIT CSS, we make use of their easy to use responsive class system when creating templates. The system allows us to easily map out where content will move when viewing the website on different devices. This allows for templates to be built very clean and efficiently. Making use of partials when building our WordPress theme design we keep code blocks separate from each other. This means that we can reuse specific parts of code when possible making for changes across multiple templates much quicker, again reducing the future development costs.

Ahead of the game

We use tools such as SASS with GULP as a compiler to create cleanly written CSS. Part of the way we do this is using SASS’s @import functionality to include multiple SCSS files & compile them into the main CSS file, meaning that coding for responsive viewports is much easier as the code is separated into different SCSS files. This also makes it much easier for our developers in the future when making edits as they know exactly what files to edit without having to go through hundreds of lines of CSS.

Using BitBucket as our code base, we keep up to date repos of all our themes. This means if something is to happen to your website we’ll have a backup of your theme design and changes we’ve made to it. This also makes it easy for our team to work coincide on a project at the same time to ensure quick efficient work. By keeping up a high standard of coding and commenting throughout the code it allows our developers to easily pick up each others work across any project.

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