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Web Design Cambridge UK: What Does An SSL Certificate Do?

Web design Cambridge UK is definitely about giving you a great website that looks good and works well, but there is more to it than that. It is also about the essential elements. One of these elements that must be addressed is security. This is what the SSL certificate is all about.

So what is an SSL certificate? In the most basic terms, an SSL certificate is a small file of data that makes up a cryptographic key. This key then digitally binds your company details together, making it impossible for them to be pulled apart and hacked into. Web design Cambridge companies use this encryption to keep any unsecure details from your website safe. This includes customers’ credit card information, personal addresses, usernames and passwords. If a customer sees an SSL certificate on a website, they will now it is safe to use that website for their purchases. This gives your business an advantage over competitors who don’t use this security measure. To find out whether a website employs an SSL certificate, look at the beginning of their web address. Those who have it will have HTTPS rather than the standard HTTP. The S stands for ‘secure’. Additionally, having a valid SSL certificate will help your website’s Google rankings. It builds trust with your customers and clients, and that goes a long way to giving you a good reputation, and sales made by word of mouth. Speak to your web design Cambridgeshire company before committing to any work to ensure that they can add an SSP certificate for you.

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