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Web Design Cambridge Based Agencies That Understand Responsive Web Design

Web design Cambridge based agencies that ignore responsive design are likely to find themselves losing clients to other agencies. The importance of responsive design cannot be underestimated with growing numbers of your potential customers spending more time than ever before on mobile devices. Ensure that you choose a web design Cambridgeshire wide company that understands the importance of responsive design. You are more likely to be able to do this if you can ask the right questions. So, read on to understand more about what responsive design is, how it works and why it is so important.

Why Mobile Matters To Web Design Cambridgeshire Wide Experts

In the early days of web design there were few, if any, mobile devices that supported web based services. This meant that a Cambridge web designer only needed to consider a small number of variables, such as operating systems and different search engines. However, the world has changed dramatically in recent years and the rise in Smartphones and tablets has meant that web designers have a host of new problems to overcome. As well as new and ever changing operating systems, there are different screen sizes and resolutions to consider. Websites need to run as effectively off 3G and 4G networks as they do over home wireless broadband. Failure to take this into consideration when designing a website is the quickest way to lose new and returning customers. Research has shown that more web based purchases are made from mobile devices now than they are from traditional desktop computers. Combined with the fact that you have just a few seconds for your website to load properly before you lose your potential customer’s interest, and the importance of a web agency Cambridge based, designing for mobile devices becomes glaringly apparent. But designing a separate website for each type of device and each operating system would be an endless and thankless task. Just keeping up with the latest mobile device version from one developer would be an impossible task. The answer to the problem is responsive design. It takes care of all the difficulties of different devices and operating systems, without needing to endlessly create new versions and risking both sanity and loss of custom.

How Responsive Web Design Works With Cambridge Web Solutions

Responsive web design Cambridge and beyond puts the website’s user, your potential customer, at the heart of the design process. Responsive design allows the website to respond to the environment it is being opened in and the behaviour of the viewer. In short, it means that regardless of whether the website is opened on a traditional desk top computer or the latest Android Smartphone operating system, it will work perfectly and allow the user to complete their intended actions smoothly and easily. It does this by automatically modifying its layout to consider the device on which it is being opened. This will include aspects such as adjusting for the new resolution, changing image size and modifying its scripting abilities. This approach to web design eliminates the need for individually designed websites for each available device. Using a Cambridgeshire web design agency that understands the importance of mobile usage and responsive design is essential to your business’ future. When searching for a design company you should ask questions about responsive design and ascertain whether they understand its importance. If a positive response to your questions is not forthcoming, then it is time to walk away and find another agency which does take responsiveness seriously. One agency that not only recognises the importance of designing for the mobile market, but also provides the support you need to move towards responsive design is Cambridge web solutions agency, Jigowatt Ltd.

Perfect Responsive Design From Web Design Cambridge Wide Jigowatt Ltd

Whether you are looking to build a completely new website or revamp an existing site, we are the web design Cambridge wide team you need. At Jigowatt Ltd, our responsive design process starts with you. By undertaking thorough research of your business and the aims of your website, we can build an effective digital strategy that forms the basis of your responsive website design. If you want to find out more about responsive design and what it means for your business, then call 01733 267775, where one of our web design Cambridgeshire based team will be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively, visit https://jigowatt.co.uk/ and learn more how our services can do to support your business.