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Web Design Company Cambridge: Do You Really Need A Site Map?

Web design company Cambridge is a service that can do many things, and this may even include things that you as the website owner didn’t realise existed. That’s why hiring a professional company to build and design your website can be the best investment you make when starting a company.

Web design Cambridgeshire should be used because of all the extras that can be added to a website to make it even more usable and productive for your business. One of those extras is a sitemap. These are usually hidden pages on your website that are accessible to ‘crawlers’. Search engines send out these crawlers to ‘wander’ through sites and gauge their content. This is how sites are ranked; the better the rank, the higher up the search engine listings your site will be. The higher up, the more visitors will find you and, more importantly, click through to your site. The sitemap will contain links to your entire site, and that includes every page and the directories on your website. It even details when the page was past updated, which is also important; the more often your page is updated, the more active the site is seen to be, and the higher in the rankings you go. A site that has not changed for months or even years, even if people visit it regularly, will rank lower than one that is updated regularly. So having a sitemap on your website is essential to give you the best chance of selling your products and your services. Ask your web design Cambridge company for more details.

If you are looking for a web design company Cambridge to organise your new website, including a sitemap, then contact Jigowatt Ltd. Call us on 01733 267775 to speak to a member of our team who can advise you on how we can help. Don’t forget our great website at https://jigowatt.co.uk/ for more details.