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Web Designer Peterborough: What Should You Have On Your Homepage?

Web designer Peterborough is the first person you should turn to when you want to create a fantastic website for your business. If you need to stand out from the crowd then having an impressive web presence will help you do just that. What should you include on there to keep people interested?

Every web design Cambridgeshire will include a homepage – it is one of the most important pages on the website, and it is often the very first page that people come to. It should offer up the best first impression possible. Whatever is on your website should reflect the tone of the rest of the site, and your company as a whole, so it needs to be both attractive and informative. It also needs to ensure that people stay on your site for longer (this helps with search engine rankings) and look at pages other than your homepage. The layout of your web design Peterborough created homepage should be clear and uncluttered, and it should be easy to navigate. You may want to explore some other websites, especially those that sell similar products and services to your own. You will soon get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. When you speak to your web designer, you will need to put across your own personality, and the aims of the company. The design itself should be as simple as possible, without too many buttons and widgets. You shouldn’t offer too many options either – giving a potential customer a confusing number of choices can actually make them step away.

Jigowatt Ltd is a web designer Peterborough with a difference. We can give you a homepage – indeed, a website - that is designed with both you and your customers in mind. Find out more by speaking to us on 01733 267775 – we are here to help. Our own website (https://jigowatt.co.uk/) contains more information.