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Web Designers In Cambridge: How Can You Prevent Spam On Your Website?

Web designers in Cambridge are essential. Without hiring a web designer, you run the risk of having a poorly executed website that does not do what it is meant to do – that is, bring customers to your business. The internet is fantastic for building a company, but there is also a lot of spam.

Spam is the term that describes unwanted emails or comments on social media or blog posts that are often used to sell something. They are annoying, but they can also be potentially dangerous, and clicking on the links that the spam comment might contain could lead to your computer being infected by spyware or viruses. The good news is that web design Cambridge designers can install different measure on your site to combat spam as much as possible. Even if it doesn’t stop the spam completely, it could well lessen it, which is a start. One option is known as a ‘captcha’. If you have used the internet, you may well have come across these yourself. Visitors are prompted to enter a word, phrase or set of numbers. It could even be a simple sum. Once that is done, their message will be sent to the website owner. Bots cannot enter the captcha details, so only messages from real people get through. This is something that you might consider asking your web design Cambridgeshire company to do if you are worried about spam. While it adds a further stage for your customer to go through before they can get in touch or buy from you, it is a tried and tested method of reducing spam levels.

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