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Web Developers Cambridge: Should You Include Flash On Your Website?

Web developers Cambridge based can advise you on all aspects of your website. This includes what you should or should not include on it. They will know what will work for you and your business, but they also know what is popular and what visitors will enjoy – or not.

Flash is an element that many people consider including in their web design Cambridgeshire way. It certainly used to be extremely popular, and was used often in many different ways on websites, but it has fallen out of favour somewhat recently. There are various reasons for this. One of the reasons is that in order to see Flash working properly, visitors will have to have Flash player installed on their devices. This program needs to be updated a lot, and if your visitor has to upgrade their Flash program just to see your website, this will cause frustration. They will probably look elsewhere rather than waste time downloading a new version of a program they rarely use. Flash also has security issues, and with security being so important these days, this can be a major drawback. Additionally, it takes up time and power, making the computer work harder than it would normally, which then slows everything down. This, added to the fact that Flash does not working Apple devices, which are increasingly prevalent, means you are losing customers if you use it. Speak to your web developer Cambridge based about the alternatives to Flash that exist if you want to include animation on your website.

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