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Webdesign Cambridge: Will Stock Images Help Your Website?

Webdesign Cambridge wide is a specialist profession that not everyone can do. However, everyone with a website will benefit from hiring a web designer to assist them. Images are a great way of making your website stand out from the crowd. But what are stock images and can you use them?

Stock images are pictures found online that can be used by anyone on their websites without the need to worry about copyright or paying royalties. It is likely that your web design Cambridgeshire company will have access to many thousands of such images – they will probably have accounts with some of the bigger websites. An account is needed to download the best images, and these are paid for. It is important to remember that you cannot simply go online and search for images then use them, as they will usually be subject to copyright. This means that no one can copy text or images that you own from your own website, so it does work both ways. It is good practice for a web developer Cambridge or beyond to have access to good quality stock images, and they can make a difference to the look and design of your site. It is possible to find free images online, but not all of these can be used on a website; and those that can may require a link to say who and where the original image came from. It is best to approve images that your web design team have chosen before they go live to ensure that you are happy with them.

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