Website Designer Peterborough Advice: Making Sure Your Contact Form Is Used

Website designer Peterborough is a great search term to use when you start your journey towards having a better designed website. A professional web designer is worth paying extra for, as it will bring you more money in the long term. An important aspect of the site is your contact form.

Any Peterborough web design expert will tell you that a contact form on your website is an excellent way of allowing your customers to get in touch quickly and easily. The better you answer a query, the more chance you have of securing a sale. Sometimes, however, a website contact form can be off-putting, no matter how good the overall web design Peterborough is. One reason for this is that the form is too long, and there are too many fields to complete. People don’t want to spend ages filling in an online form, and seeing one that’s involved and complex can put them off doing so. To entice more people to complete the form, you should keep it as simple as possible, asking for just a name, email address and their message. Some ask for a phone number, although this is not always necessary. In any case, web designers will tell you that individuals often prefer not to include it, as they can worry it will lead to unwanted phone calls. At the end of the form, it’s worth considering whether the word ‘submit’ should be changed to something more user-friendly, such as ‘send’ or something a little more quirky and fun. The word ‘submit’ has negative connotations and again this can stop people from clicking.

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