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BSD Performance is a motorcycle parts and tuning shop based nearby in Peterborough. Their old site was extremely out dated and offered little in terms of maintainability, SEO or aesthetics. Jigowatt were hired to bring BSD Performance’s online presence up to date.Due to the fast moving pace of the motorcycle industry BSD required a solution which would allow them to easily update and manage their own content via news articles, bike files, services and featured products. We decided to build the site on WordPress allowing the team at BSD to stay up to date with their own content and ahead of their competitors.Thanks to the success of the new web site, BSD will be looking to add an eCommerce section to the web site in the near future.

BSD On The Bench

When it came to completely redesigning BSD’s dormant web presence Jigowatt proved the perfect partners, for many reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, they took time to understand what the business was about, and were very clear in ascertaining and defining what the site needed to do for us.

We obviously had some ideas about what we wanted to achieve with the site and Jigowatt were ready to embrace them, but never at the expense of functionality and ease of use – two things that that we really needed some help in understanding. They were also happy to make suggestions based on their experience about functionality that could be added to enhance a web user’s visit and promote the business.

Thanks to the work Jigowatt put in on our behalf we now have a website that we can be proud of. Many customers have commentated on its clean, stylish look but, more importantly, how easy it is to use and navigate around. It was delivered on time, on budget and is completely adaptable for whichever way BSD grows in. As far as we’re concerned it’s a job very well done.

Alex Hearn – BSD Performance

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