KWA Analytics

KWA Analytics required a new website that is secure, with members-only and staff content. Their website had to offer members access to discuss their businesses and share their exepreinces. Additionally the site had to offer a clear route into KWA Analytics for new customers and retain interest of exsisting ones.

KWA Analytic Forums

The clear advantage of WordPress was its flexibility, with both existing and Jigowatt’s own custom software available to add the functionality KWA Analytics required.

Custom Development

We used an in-house WordPress Premium Content/Membership plugin to hide and show content on selected pages and restrict access to some news posts and categories. bbPress helps KWA add forums to the site with alongside an advanced search widget to filter through the topics/forums.

Clean Design

It was clear from the start that KWA Analytics required a clean, precise design which gives clear signposting for both casual and regular visitors. An image of Canary Wharf clearly places KWA Analytics within The City, and simple menus with drop-downs navigate to the company’s business disciplines. Jigowatt added taxonomy images for categories of new posts so they can be filtered down, depending the content/membership level the user has.

Jigowatt have been a pleasure to work with. From the initial design , through to build and enhancements Jigowatt have been attentive , creative , diligent and given us exactly what we asked for with clear costings and timelines. We will continue to work with Jigowatt in the future.
Israr Ahmed – Director


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