Online Ceramics

Online Ceramics is a Peterborough based company that Jigowatt have helped develop from a start up to a vibrant and fast growing business.

The site is designed to enable Online Ceramics to sell products. However, it has a number of other features that help build a relationship with potential customers. These include a news section, newsletter subscription sign-up functionality, and social media integration.

Online Ceramics are able to use the platform we have built for them to easily update their product range and content as well as for managing orders and newsletter subscriptions through the WordPress admin panel.

Online Ceramics Homepage

Online Ceramics Single Item

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Online Ceramics Map Functionality

Online Ceramics Map Functionality

Evolution of the site

The site has also been adapted as Online Ceramics has grown: the website now has functionality to promote and sell tickets for upcoming exhibitions hosted by the company.

Maintaining Relationships

Since launching, the site has been well received, and the Online Ceramics brand continues to grow. Owner Peter Ward had this to say about working with us.

I had strong ideas about what I wanted site to do, Jigowatt had the people and skills to bring it to fruition. I had never used WordPress before, and Jigowatt were very clear about what was possible and more importantly what wasn’t and they showed me features that I didn’t know about with my limited budget. The whole team was just a phone call away whenever I needed help or had any questions.
Peter Ward, Owner, Online Ceramics