The Racing Pigeon

The pigeon-fanciers’ weekly magazine, The Racing Pigeon, approached Jigowatt for a website which would not only offer news content and allow its audience to post their own racing results, but provide an on-line shop.



With CMS a major element of The Racing Pigeon’s requirement,WordPress was a natural choice of website platform, offering its customers a simple route to subscription for digital and printed version of the newspaper. Additionally, Jigoshop provided an integral e-commerce module from which The Racing Pigeon could sell its merchandise securely and with stock control built in.


Jigowatt set out to put The Racing Pigeon’s magazines front and centre, with clear portals to its racing results reporting system and a shop-front display of the magazines’ products. The Racing Pigeon can manage its news content directly, and high-margin items, popular products or special offers can be quickly swapped out of the on-line shop as the season and market dictates.


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