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Why Web Design For Businesses Is Harder Than It Looks

Posted 8 years ago


Low start up costs for freelancers and the growth in demand for websites has created an industry in which cost and quality vary wildly.  Fuelled by high profile advertising campaigns, there is a misconception that building a business website is simple, and that anyone can do it for pennies.

The truth is that building a website is simple; but building an effective web presence that delivers results to businesses is a much more challenging, nuanced discipline.

Concept of creative businessman with new idea

Concept of creative businessman with new idea

Anyone Can Build A Website But Few Can Design & Build Web Sites

Web design has been demystified; novices are able to build websites using popular and well-marketed web builder platforms that require no technical knowledge. From the outside you may think that the job of a web designer was under threat.

However, businesses are in need of specialist web design now more than ever: the internet is crowded, getting ever more so, and the recipe for online success is becoming ever more complex.

Websites are more than brochures on the internet: they are the portal between businesses and their customers 24 hours a day. They can facilitate a diverse range of different business functions, from ecommerce and online bookings, to real time stock and resource management.

Some builders may offer basic services in this area. But, integrating them effectively can require a higher level of skill than the average business owner possesses.

Web Design Is A Specialist Skill

Getting your website found and then converting customers requires more than simply having a website; it is now dependent upon the culmination of a range of different marketing disciplines, including web design, SEO, social media, and blogging.

Web design is a complex skill that involves defining and implementing the technical requirements of a website and design that will enhance the user experience and create conversions to strategically worded and placed calls to action.

Website builders may have created the impression that building a website is easy, but having a marketing solution that attracts and converts customers is an ever evolving art form that requires technical knowledge and design skill.

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