Not quite as loud, expensive, or at a cost to the environment but this dazzling array of quotes from our customers certainly had us ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’.

We’re always banging on about loyal customers but this is why; we do a great job, we’re innovative, reliable, good value and nice guys to deal with. Receiving emails like these adds a sparkle to our day. 

Thank you Jigowatt customers.

Recently we provided one of our clients with a redesign after a Skype call and it’s safe to say he liked it:

OMG – it’s like you pulled off the top of my head, peered in, and were like, “Ohhhh, I see…yes. We can do that.”

Holy sh*t. That’s like EXACTLY what I was thinking and envisioning. How in the hell…?

Man, you should take a week off every other week. You’re on fire.

This customer is actually retiring and closing his business after many years, we’ve known him for over 30 years:

So just a quick big thanks for all your help over the years. 

OK it didn’t make millions but then very few ventures do, but it served well since 2008 and bought a few good foreign holidays and curries!

Earlier this year we launched a trade only retailer angling site for a friend, with some very complicated requirements. So when we presented the working version we had this response:

YES!! Thank you Matt – everything works now! You are officially a genius!

Here are some of other favourites:

Just a quick note to say the auction site is running perfectly … we are really happy with it

The birds are going well .. we have another ten or so auctions booked in over the next few weeks

We’re off to an excellent start and Jigowatt has been a huge part of that. So I just wanted to have a chance to say thanks. 

The Jigowatt team is a small and efficient programming and design group that has delivered 3 projects for me really fast and with high precision. The programmers have air-tight code that is bulletproof. In addition the talented coding experts at Jigowatt not only have awesome expertise to make the web work perfectly the way I want but they also had great ideas for crafting an awesome website look & feel. The designers crafted logo images that are uniquely hand crafted to the website with design elements that look slick and professional. The administrators communicated with me every step of the way and are super friendly but I had full unfettered access to Matt Kersley programing my site which was fantastic to be directly connected to the core development process. I really appreciate the workflow Jigowatt uses – very friendly process. I could not be more satisfied with Jigowatt and will return to them for future coding and website development needs.

We have been working with Jigowatt for a number of years now. For us, the Jigowatt team is like an extension of our company, rather than external agency. Sandra, Andy and Luke has been crucial in our marketing development. I am sure that our relationship will continue for the years to come.

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