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Website Maintenance & Support

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In the world of the internet, a business is nothing without its website. Whether you're a fully fledged e-commerce company, or a traditional brick-and-mortar business, the fact that 92.5% of the UK is online means that a strong digital presence is core to your success.

While getting a great website up-and-running is the first step, you shouldn’t ignore it once it’s live. All websites require maintenance and updates from time-to-time, to ensure their wellbeing. And if your business relies on your website for custom, you certainly don’t want to have it go offline for any longer than the bare minimum.

This is where our website maintenance packages and support services come in. By anticipating problems ahead of time, we can make sure you have zero down-time and that your website is always operating at peak performance.

At Jigowatt, we offer range of WordPress maintenance packages, and offer ongoing support to ensure if disaster does strike, you aren’t left wondering what to do.

This is where our WordPress maintenance and support services come in. By anticipating problems ahead of time, we can make sure you have zero down-time and that your website is always operating at peak performance.

At Jigowatt, we offer range of WordPress maintenance packages, and offer ongoing support to ensure if disaster does strike, you aren’t left wondering what to do.

What is WordPress website maitenance?

WordPress maintenance can involve many services, including security, backups, speed optimisation, content updates and plugin updates. By making sure all of these contingency plans are in place, you can forget the stress of looking after your website, and focus on what matters to you: seeing your business flourish.

All WordPress websites will require maintenance but most business owners have neither the time nor the experience to manage theirs properly. So, why not let Jigowatt take over? With over ten years of experience maintaining WordPress websites, you can trust our support services will give you all the assistance you and your business could require.

Let’s take a closer look at what WordPress maintenance services we have on offer.

Benefits of website maintenance

What website maintenance and support services do we offer?

At Jigowatt we realise that every business and every website is unique, and we’re not interested in selling you services you don’t need. We’ll tailor a bespoke service to fit your specific needs on a personal level. Whether it’s meeting and maintaining your security needs, making daily backups, or ensuring you have the most up-to-date plugins, our web professionals have got you covered.

There are many services your website might require and we’ll go the extra mile to achieve the best possible results. Below we detail some of the services we specialise in.

Website security

If there is one thing that matters most in managing a WordPress website, it’s website security. Having a hacker seize control of your site, disrupt your business and invade your space is a terrifying thought, so ensuring that the website is secure should always be top priority.

We use Wordfence, a premium WordPress security plugin that includes an endpoint firewall to recognise and block malicious traffic. It also contains a malware scanner to easily check that no dangerous software has made its way into the site. With this in place and With 24 hour uptime monitoring the chances of being hacked fall to near zero.

In the unfortunate event that your website is hacked, contact us immediately. Even if you’re not an existing customer, we’ll use our experience and expertise to recover your WordPress site, fix and delete any suspicious files and get it back to full working order.

Plugin and theme updates

Plugins for WordPress are pieces of software that can be integrated with your website, to add functionalities and features. They turn a basic website into something that feels interactive and engaging for the user. Usually, WordPress plugins are developed by a third-party and must be installed on to the site.

Themes work in a similar fashion to plugins, except that they add design and layout to a page rather than functionality. There are over 55,000 WordPress plugins and over 11,000 WordPress themes.

After a third-party has developed a plugin or theme, they won’t just leave it to get outdated, but will regularly update it to ensure it offers websites the best possible features and performance. In order to keep your website running smoothly, you’ll need to make sure all plugins and themes are kept up-to-date at all times. With our website maintenance services we take this hassle off your hands, updating your software regularly, keeping your website up to date, so you can rest assured that your users are satisfied and your business is thriving.

Training sessions

For many website owners, being able to leave the maintenance of their website to a group of experienced experts is the perfect solution. It gives them more free time to take care of other things, whilst knowing your website is in the capable hands of a successful web design agency.

On the other hand, by taking care of the maintenance yourself you have complete control of what goes on with your website at all times, and we recognise that for some businesses this is a very attractive thought.

This is why we offer highly recommended WordPress training sessions and guides, either in-person or online, allowing you to become the expert and achieve great results for yourself. And remember, if something does go wrong, we’re still only a phone call away!


There’s nothing worse than investing time and money into making something great, only to lose it due to a technical glitch or human mistake. Whatever the reason, losing data or site files could be disastrous for your WordPress website. If you run your business from your website, the down-time is likely to cost you in lost revenue.

At Jigowatt, we know how stressful this can be for a business, so we make sure our clients never have to deal with it. With daily backups, as well as backups on-demand, we ensure next to zero down-time for your business even in the worst possible scenarios. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on what you care about most – running your company.

Bug fixes

Unfortunately, whilst themes add great style and design to your website, there are a whole host of annoying bugs that can come with them. You don’t want users being put off by a buggy interface or technical glitch. These are issues we know inside out, having been building, fixing and debugging WordPress themes for over a decade. Thats why a website maintenance package with Jigowatt is crucial.

There are a number of other common WordPress issues that will require debugging. Without expert knowledge to help you recognise these problems early on, things can soon get out of control. Thankfully, with our rapid support team of developers, we can identify and solve them before they reach a stage where they could harm your business.

World-class website support

There is nothing worse than being stuck on hold for hours when you urgently need help. Whether your site is down, or has been hacked, you’ll want website support as soon as possible. That is exactly what we do.

At Jigowatt, our staff are all WordPress experts, with plenty of experience, but we know that sometimes you need a little bit extra, which is why we make it possible for you to get in contact with our developers directly and explain your problems first-hand.

Our response times are the fastest in the market and our friendly, personable staff are available 24/7 to ensure your website has the minimum down-time possible. With our website maintenance plans we also provide the personal touch that your website deserves.

Website maintenance packages

All our website maintenance packages come with the security of knowing that your live site will not be effected. We will clone your website onto a development area then begin the upgrade process once completed we will check over the website and share a link to the client so that they can also confirm the site is running smoothly. When this has been done we will upgrade the live site in all confidence.

Jigowatt offer 3 tiers of theme and plugin updates: annually, bi-annually and quarterly and can be taken with or without our world class WordPress hosting packages 

Over a decade of experience

There are plenty of ways to maintain WordPress websites, some more successful than others, but with our wealth of experience we know exactly how to make things work effectively for you. If there is a WordPress tool out there then you can bet we've tried and tested it.

We have collected over a decades worth of technical knowledge to benefit you and your business with the best WordPress maintenance services possible.

We're always on the end of the phone, so don't hesitate to call.

Case studies

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Germains are a seed technology business founded in 1871 based in the UK, Europe and the US. They contacted us mid 2015 for a redesign of the site we built for them in 2011, they wanted something clean with plenty of large images to show off their products.

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Workz is a global company based in Dubai that provides secure and connected solutions for mobile and IoT devices. Working with brands like Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, they’ve successfully kept over 10 billion connects secure without a single data breach.

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