Web Design

All good website design has to address some fundamental issues – and that’s to communicate to your audience what you do, why and who for. You’ll need a strategy to map out their journey, from the first 5 seconds on the site through to becoming your customer. This is a tough ask and we’ll use our extensive knowledge and work with you to explore the experience you want them to have, the functionality needed along the way and what the end result should be.

Our web design process starts with you. We’ll arrange a one-to-one meeting to discuss your current online activity brand identity, colour palette, current web trends, competitor analysis and goals. Once we’ve agreed on a strategy, this will enable our talented team of designers to begin crafting your new website design.

We design sites following the latest website development techniques, technologies and design trends ensuring your site will last. 

SEO requirements are also considered in the design process, making sure that your site will not only look fantastic but Google will also love it. All of this results in a visually stunning, yet fully functional website that will deliver results to your business where it counts.

First Impressions

An existing brand identity gets your foot in the door (of course we can help create one for new start ups) but focus on simple content and relevant imagery to keep attention and carry on through the sales funnel.


Consider this as the blueprint to your website and a crucial part of our web design process, it is intertwined with the UX / UI design process and will allow us to define the hierarchy of information. You’ll get a good idea of what the layout is going to be and where your content will be placed. During this process, we may ask you to provide examples of sites you like and your competitors’ websites for us to produce something that will help you stand out.



Finding your way around intuitively is crucial to keeping your customer engaged – I know I’ve abandoned a shopping experience many times out of pure frustration. The skills kick in when the navigation has to work across all devices. We’ve been designing responsive websites for over 10 years and usage statistics keep increasing emphasising the importance of strong design skills in this area (80% internet users own a smartphone, Google says 61% are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing).

UX/UI Design

This stands for ‘user experience’ and is often overlooked far too often. Do you find websites that look fantastic but are hard to navigate or don’t let you get to the content you want quickly? We want to make sure that your users aren’t confused when they land on your website, that there is a clear path to the information/service/product they are trying to access.


If you can try and avoid stock images. Investing in some photography (video too if possible) is simply the best way to portray the tone and character of your business. If you work in the service industry use images of your staff too to give your company a ‘face’ to relate to.

Team Stock Photo Example
Stock Photo
Jigowatt Meeting
Creative Photography

Scroll On

These days a long homepage is considered the best method to direct users to different sections. Don’t be afraid to use white space too – elements considered poor website design a few years ago are now very much proven to enhance the experience.

Fancy Bits

Websites themes often contain super smart effects, transitions and downright clever wizardry these days but be careful not to confuse and use wisely. Jigowatt’s custom development skills together with design expertise can create just the right amount of touches to make your site a joy to use.

Not Just Words and Pictures

The best website design is not just how content is laid out, a smart logo and brand identity or a smooth and secure payment process – the real beauty is a seamless browsing experience from start to finish.

Case studies

KWA Hero

KWA Analytics

Founded in 2013, KWA Analytics help businesses implement Openlink financial trading and risk management applications. In just 5 years they’ve opened offices in India and America to enhance their abilities to deliver projects on a global scale.

Workz Hero Image


Workz is a global company based in Dubai that provides secure and connected solutions for mobile and IoT devices. Working with brands like Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, they’ve successfully kept over 10 billion connects secure without a single data breach.

“What's the next step?”

It’s simply to get in touch. We find it’s best to talk through your ideas then decide on a plan to get the right solution for you.
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