Fat Club

We often mention the bloat of some website themes and we’re feeling a tad overloaded ourselves after our Christmas break so we’ve decided to re-launch our popular ‘Fat Club’ for 2020.

It's back for 2020!

Us Jigowatt folk love a challenge and we’ve each set ourselves the task for the New Year to lose some excess baggage!

Every Friday (starting tomorrow) we’ll have a weigh-in, fully clothed of course but minus any belt buckles, shoes or a full bladder. 

The weekly winner can bask in the glory of social media exposure plus gets to leave early on a Friday.

Please follow our progress here – we welcome your weight loss tips to help on us on our quest.

Weight in lbs
0 (03/01)191158.2213.2147
1 (10/01)189158.2211.9147
2 (17/01)187.8157.8207.9148
lbs difference-3.2-0.4-5.3+1

“What's the next step?”

It’s simply to get in touch. We find it’s best to talk through your ideas then decide on a plan to get the right solution for you.
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