WordPress Training


We’ve found the first thing customers want from their new site is to update their own content. That’s the beauty of WordPress. Once we’ve completed the project and after a few hours of our expert WordPress training, customers can add copy, images, change prices, add pages… and much, much more.

No longer are businesses tied to designers and developers or a maintenance contract, a WordPress site comes with the ‘keys’ to the back end and you’re in control. We often run WordPress training sessions in Peterborough which are well received.

Updating your WordPress website

Keeping your site updated is crucial though for optimum search engine rankings, and you’ll need to allocate time on a regular basis to make the most of your investment. Some customers prefer to do things gradually and pay us a small retainer whereby they work with us for the first few months on site updates and maintenance. Some get the whole team fully trained from the word go.

Lasting customer relationships

We believe that training our customers adds to the relationship and proves that we’ve created a site for the future and growth of their business. We’re not in the game of tying people into contacts, but customers do however stick with us and ask us to work on bigger site changes or additional sites – in fact most of our business comes from existing customers and recommendations. Something that we’re extremely proud of.

So if you want to make sure you understand what opportunities are open to you using WordPress for your new site, or just need to get a better ‘handle’ on how to manage your current website, please speak to us about either one-to-one WordPress training or our flexible retainers.

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