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BSD Performance

Back in 2010, we were approached by Mark the owner of local motorcycle performance engineers BSD to design and build their first website. Since then, the website has been a massively useful tool for them and has helped grow their business. The site has undergone many changes since then including new sections and a responsive overhaul. Earlier this year they decided to change the focus of the business slightly to help incorporate the ever growing Engineering side, this led to a complete rethink of their web presence going forward.

Getting Started

It was decided that the current website would be split into two parts, BSD Performance and BSD Engineering. Each of these would get their own website but we decided to focus on BSD Performance first.

As the site would focus on the performance aspect of the business we wanted to highlight some key aspects of this side of the business, primarily the dyno results and the services they offer around this.

We wanted to incorporate this into the overall web design process considering it was such a major part of this part of the business so we decided to include a video as part of the homepage header showing a bike on the dyno machine. Not only does this clearly show users something visually interesting, but it also represents the entire website.


The new dyno results section includes a leaderboard of the top five motorcycles ordered by BHP. This is made up of a custom post type where Mark and his team enter various results from the dyno machine and we automatically calculate the order based on this.
A custom development template was created for the main dyno results page which again orders the bikes but this time we use tiled cards with photos of the bikes. As you view a single bike you’re presented with an image of the bike, a shot of the dyno results and then we highlight the key figures underneath this.

Of course the services they offer around this needed to be highlighted so we decided to use tiles with a background image. These images help represent the services they associated with.

Also included on the homepage are their news and social feeds as well as some fantastic reviews.

The main news page includes a slider at the top which highlights the most recent five news stories which near full-screen images. All images are taken by the team themselves and really standout, drawing your attention and wanting to make you scroll through the rest other news items.

Our redesign of the site has given it an entirely new slick feel utilising high quality photography, video and a much clearer focus on the benefits of their business. Currently, we’re working with Mark and his team on the planning and build of the BSD Engineering website.

Homepage Before
Homepage After

Performance Improvements

The improvements really stand out when you look at the statistics provided by GT Metrix.



Appears Within: 7.2 seconds

Page Size: 508KB



Appears Within: 4 seconds

Page Size: 6.64 seconds

Considering the bulk of the work we did on the previous site we were happy to see YSlow was the highest score.

We didn’t expect to see a huge boost in YSlow considering we moved this work from the previous site to the new one but we’re extremely happy with the results, especially with the performance of the WordPress hosting

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