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Social Media Agency

How can it all tie in to your marketing plan and get results?

What if you had an intimate knowledge of your audience's needs, and were always in the right place to resolve them? That's where social media marketing comes in.

97% of consumers used social media in the past month. This makes it the ideal resource for discovering what your potential customers really care about, and leveraging this to increase brand awareness.

Social media is core to successful content marketing. Rather than constantly shouting about your own products and services, using social media to answer the most pressing questions and needs in your business niche means that audiences instinctively rely on your brand.

Social media skyrockets your brand authority, drives traffic to your website and generates a steady stream of sales and revenue, by targeting the digital consumers most likely to buy your products or services, on the platforms they use most often.

Not only does paid advertising on social media supercharge your sales, these channels are your most powerful tool when it comes to positioning your brand as a vital source of information in your niche, and using trust to convert your target audience into customers and fans.

What social media services do we offer?

At Jigowatt, we offer social media services that target your consumers’ digital journey at every stage, from brand awareness to purchase. We analyse how your target audience uses each social media platform, and use this information to extract Return on Investment (ROI) at every point in their journey with you.

We’ll create a social media strategy for your brand that works in tandem with SEO and content marketing.

We’ll ensure that your company ranks at the top of Google, from building top backlinks your website to crafting high-quality content based on careful keyword research. We’ll then include links to your social media channels on your top-ranking blogs, increasing engagements and conversions (when one of your users completes a desired goal, whether that’s a purchase or social media follow) on your social profiles.

At the same time, we’ll craft compelling social media content to increase traffic to your website, and drive sales there too.

Social media strategy

We’ll work with you to draw up a social media strategy which targets your audience at every point in their purchase journey, whether generating initial awareness of your brand, or ensuring high-quality customer support over social media at the point of purchase. We will:


Locate your target audience: the people who already use your products and services, and the people most likely to use them in the future. We’ll analyse their demographics (age, location, gender and occupation) and psychographics (attitudes, motivations and spending patterns), as well as the social channels they’re most likely to use, in order to create the content most likely to convert them.


Set concrete goals for ROI on all your social media activities. You can’t measure success unless you know what it looks like, so we’ll work with you to establish social media aims for your business, whether that’s to drive business leads, or increase trust in your employees, suppliers and shareholders. We’ll create SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) goals, based on these objectives. For example, if you own an artisanal bakery company and you want to increase your brand awareness, we’ll set a goal to generate a 25% increase in your website traffic through Instagram, and boost your social share of voice (the amount of mentions your brand gets) 15% by the end of the quarter.


Use Ruler Analytics and Google Analytics track the success of your social media campaigns. We’ll ask you in advance what your conversion goals are, and then locate and analyse the link between your visitors’ interactions with your brand on social media and their conversions. We’ll help you place an exact revenue figure against increased audience engagement, leads and site traffic. This will help us see where social media campaigns are performing well, and where we need to pivot to enhance success.

Social media analytics and tracking

In order to draw in your target audience via social media, you need to have an implicit knowledge of their needs, desires and interests. We will use Hootsuite and Buzzsumo to monitor the most pressing trends and conversations in your business niche, whether about your specific brand, or topics around it.

This will give you insight into the most relevant themes, questions and complaints in your industry, which you can address in your content. For example, if you own a bespoke shoe company, our social monitoring tools would pick up discussions from your target audience around the need for shoes with reinforced heels for people with flat feet, and we can leverage this in your social media content.

Responding to niche queries like this establishes your brand as a key authority in your industry. As more and more people are using social media as a search engine for products they’re interested in, targeting specific, long-tail keywords also means your brand comes up first for all those flat-footed customers who need reinforced shoes, and are looking to buy now.

Social media content

We’ll use our intimate knowledge of each social media platform and its culture to generate leads, increase brand authority and drive traffic to your website.

As well as leveraging the social media channels which your target audience most frequently use, we’ll draw up a strategy that uses the best social media platform for each of your business objectives.

For example, we can use Facebook to extract a granular level of data about your audience, and pinpoint the perfect subset of people to target with adverts about your services. We can use Twitter to generate buzz around your brand by creating unique, engaging content with striking media.

Organic and paid social media

We will integrate organic social media (free content such as posts, videos, tweets, memes and Stories), with paid social media adverts and posts. This combination of natural, useful content and compelling, powerful adverts will push your audience to convert, just as they are ready to commit to your brand.


We’ll use Facebook’s powerful audience monitoring to target your potential customers with razor sharp precision.

Using Facebook’s audience targeting tools, we’ll locate the demographic most likely to buy your products, based on age, gender, location and purchasing habits. We’ll also identify your target audience by recent purchases and life events to offer them the most relevant and useful content for their situation, and advertise the products and services they’re most likely to purchase. For example, if you an organic baby food supplier, we would help you target mothers of young children who are interested in whole foods and holistic parenting.

We’ll create top-performing, highly relevant content, from engaging Facebook posts to compelling videos (84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website and generate leads), to grab your audience’s attention and answer the most pressing questions and needs in your niche, establishing your brand as a key authority in your industry. We’ll boost your best performing Facebook posts, ensuring they reach the most people and turn your audience into customers and fans.


Twitter can put your company at the centre of the cultural, political and business conversations in your niche, supercharging your brand awareness and followers. We’ll blend organic and promotional content to maximise your presence on Twitter, ultimately driving traffic to your website and increasing sales. We will:

Use Hootsuite to monitor the Twitter conversations, tweets and hashtags most relevant to your brand, and discover the needs, desires and interests of your target audience on this platform.

Create a flow of engaging, organic content, using GIFs and images (tweets receive 55% more engagement if they include a GIF) to bring your content to life, emphasise the trustworthiness of your brand and increase engagement and followers Twitter timeline.

Include compelling adverts and follower campaigns alongside organic content, to increase your Twitter reach, and target your audience’s pain points with your product.


LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social media platforms for content marketing. We’ll use LinkedIn to establish your brand as the ultimate authority in your niche, meeting your audience’s needs, helping them achieve their goals and answering their most pressing questions. We will:

Create valuable, in-depth posts and videos (videos get 50% more engagement on LinkedIn than any other form of content) based on trending topics and key themes in your niche. For example, if you’re an asset management company, we’ll produce insightful content on how people can manage their personal finances, and explore their emotional and practical relationship with money.


With 700 million users on Instagram, this social media platform is the perfect place to build and market your brand with stunning, engaging visual and textual content. We will:

Use Hootsuite analytics to discover and generate the most relevant hashtags for your business niche on Instagram, so that the content we create will get the biggest reach, boosting your brand authority and converting your audience into purchasers.

Social media customer management

In a world where 60% of people would rather message than call a business, social media is the go-to platform for customer service. As well as creating compelling social content to increase your audience’s engagement, we’ll work with you to craft a flawless customer service system on your main social media channels, which can answer your users’ most pressing questions and convert them from visitors into purchasers.

We’ll support you to reply as quickly as possible to customers on social media (for example, on your business’ Facebook Page, we’ll ensure that your company replies to 90% of messages and earns a Very Responsive to Messages badge), increasing their trust in your services. We’ll also help you establish customer boundaries and expectations through Instant Replies on Facebook and social media chatbots, so that your visitors understand that while you may not be able to reply instantly, you’re aware that they’ve made contact, and will get back to them as soon as possible.

You can’t expect a potential customer to do the work of finding you on social whenever they have a question, and the brands which really stand out on social media are the ones which anticipate their audience’s customer service needs without them having to ask. We’ll use our social listening tools to the questions people are asking about your brand, so you can jump in with a handy reply.

We’ll help you set up a dedicated social media channel for customer service, helping you separate your support platform from your main social profiles. While your customers will rightly still go to your main social pages for support, you can pass them on to your customer service team using your dedicated support handle, and increase the efficiency of your business.

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