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SEO Services

An essential and increasingly important tool for business growth

No matter how amazing your brand is, or how many services you offer, if you're not ranking on search engines, you're losing business. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in.

SEO puts you at the forefront of the world's biggest digital market-place: Google. A great SEO strategy places your brand top of your audience's search results, and provides them with such high-quality content that they won't look elsewhere.

SEO marketing can be tricky, as Google and other search engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms. You need expert SEO advice from experienced individuals, which is exactly what we at Jigowatt provide.

What can SEO do for you?

SEO supercharges your visibility on Google, so that your company ranks for the most lucrative keywords in your business niche, shows up first whenever someone googles a specific question, and enjoys a strong boost in sales, revenue and brand authority.

Rather than throwing yourself at customers and making them feel pressured, SEO makes you naturally visible to potential users, providing full-value solutions to their needs, and a seamless user experience that transforms them from visitors to customers.

What SEO services do we offer?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for SEO marketing. Everyone requires something slightly different. There are several factors that will have an effect on what you need, including:

This is why, at Jigowatt, we offer a complete, and comprehensive range of SEO services, that we can tailor specifically to the requirements of your business.

We use industry standard software, such as Yoast and Ahref’s to assist with our SEO marketing.

There is no limit to what we can offer businesses, with regards to SEO. Below, we’ll take you through the services you’ll require for a successful SEO campaign.

SEO consultancy

Whatever your business, you’re going to need a serious SEO strategy, devised by experts. With our consultancy services, you’ll have access to decades worth of combined knowledge of optimising search engine results, so that you can gain the information you need to succeed.

Our SEO consultancy will include a full SEO audit. Within this, we’ll analyse your current SEO strategy, to find out which areas you are already excelling in, and offer some recommendations on how to improve any low performing areas.

We’ll investigate your main competitors, and who is currently outperforming you. We’ll explore where they are succeeding, and adjust your strategy to dominate them in these areas. Whether you’re competing on a local level, nationally or internationally, we’re going to help you crush the competition.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most essential parts of any SEO campaign.

We will launch a complete technical audit of your site. Almost all websites have some technical SEO shortfalls, and our team will identify these. Whether you’ve accidentally made it awkward for crawl agents to access your site, or it’s not being indexed correctly, these can have serious effects on your visibility.

Once we’ve conducted this analysis, we’ll go about resolving the issues we’ve found. Some of these might be quick fixes, others might take longer.

Often, it’s not good enough to do a one-off technical audit. For a site to maintain its health and a strong ranking, it’s important to regularly update your technical SEO strategy.

Link building

A word mentioned a lot in SEO is authority. Link building is a great way to boost your site’s authority, because if another site is choosing to place a link to you, then Google interprets this as a signal of trust.

The first step will be to investigate your existing backlink profile, fill in any glaring gaps and find ways to grow it. It’s also vital to avoid bad links that could harm your ranking. We’ll also review your competitors backlink profile, to get an understanding of the benchmark required within your niche.

Once we understand the type of links you need, we’ll launch a campaign to get authoritative links onto those valuable sites. This might be in the form of blogger outreach, digital PR or producing in-depth, guide style original content onto your own site.

Keyword research

Keyword research is crucial for SEO. You need to determine which particular keywords you should be targeting in your website’s content. You have to strike that balance between satisfying search engines, and providing content of high-value to human readers.

Keyword research is all about understanding your target market. When doing keyword research we’ll consider questions like:

We use industry standard tools for keyword research such as Ahrefs to maximise our accuracy and efficiency.

Content optimisation

Creating good content is at the foundation of SEO strategy. This is how you make the most of your keyword research and satisfy the users that find their way to your site.

On top of well-researched keywords, Google loves great quality content. If you’re providing great value to your users, then they will keep returning to your site, and as a result of this, Google will recognise your expertise and authority, and your rankings will flourish. Advertising then becomes redundant, since you have already built up trust with users by providing them with high-quality content.

As an example, if you run an accountancy firm and have an online presence, then not only should your website mention who are you are and where you’re based, but you should provide articles on a range of accounting subjects. Do this and you’ll find organic traffic is flooding your pages.

As well as written content, we can offer advice and assistance producing other types of content, such as videos. A fact that a lot of people aren’t aware of is that the second most popular search engine on the web is YouTube. So a strong presence there is also going to have a great effect on your online audience.

Social media

For most businesses, a strong social media presence can be immensely beneficial. They offer a whole new range of routes for customers to find you, so it’s vital to have strong visibility in these channels.

Whilst social media won’t directly contribute to your rankings, it can still have a great effect on your exposure, which can drive more traffic to you. And social media marketing is another way to boost sales.

Building up a long-term social media presence is also a good way to connect with people, leading to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Digital PR

Digital PR is a one of the best ways to get truly authoritative backlinks, and it’s a weapon that many SEO agencies still aren’t using. We have strong connections with journalists and bloggers across multiple sectors, that we can leverage for your brand.

These journalists rely on us for unique insights and opinions and interesting research pieces, and will credit our clients with backlinks. This puts your brand in some of the highest tier websites in existence, from major tabloid publications and newspapers, to key journals and blogs.

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