About Us

Established in 2008, we are a team of web design, marketing, and creative experts that are passionate about building online and offline solutions that help businesses grow.

Flexible approach

Our flexible approach, combined with our ability to understand and deliver to the needs of our clients, is what drives us. We blend the web design, SEO, technical, and creative skills of our diverse team to build beautiful and functional websites that convert visits into leads.

We know that not everyone speaks in the language of code. So, if you work with us we will ensure that our project managers talk at your technical level, whether you are Mark Zuckerburg or a complete IT novice.


We build our websites using the WordPress platform. We are proud to tell you we were one of the first UK agencies to embrace open source software like WordPress to develop websites. This revolutionised the web design industry, giving the power back to clients who were once locked into one agency.


Our experience and forward thinking allow us to continue to lead the way in UK web design, particularly in the use of WordPress customisation and optimisation. Our bespoke WordPress theme design and plug-in development is showcased by the creation of the Jigoshop shopping platform.

Jigoshop eCommerce

This plugin was built by the Jigowatt team and in its first year was downloaded more than 400,000 times. Although we handed the business over in 2014 to new owners we still work closely with the current Jigoshop team and use the plugin for our ecommerce projects.

Our experience in offering B2C services via Jigoshop.com means that we have a rare insight into not only what looks great, but how WordPress delivers customers and revenue to businesses.

We love what we do, and it shows in the results we achieve for our clients: we hope we can discuss how we can use design and functionality to build your business soon.

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