Your branding isn’t just a logo, it’s how you present yourself as a business. It’s a combination of emotions your customers experience with your product or services. This is such a key benefit when working with Jigowatt. As creators of your logo, website (including the content too), brochures, email newsletters – choose any from our list of services – and you can be sure that a consistent brand message is a priority.


Taking the time to write a clear strategy, including a simple mission statement gives clarity to not only you and your staff but anyone who supports your business. In our experience we have found having this direction from customers results in a design solution that nails the objective from day one and also helps maintain focus throughout the project.


When launching a new business it’s crucial to know how your proposition differs from your competitors. One of our first tasks is always to see what’s out there and make sure our solution stands out. This applies to more than similarities with the logo (of course we avoid words, styles, colours of rival companies) but having a USP ( Unique Selling Point ) or strength should be emphasised. For example if your product is the only one made in the UK, or is endorsed by an industry expert – that should feature heavily in your marketing.


A strong logo will be crafted by a designer who has knowledge of the target audience. Taking the brand name and selecting the right shape, font, style, colour palette and sometimes including a symbol or icon. The design process considers what the logo must represent as a whole – and it must work in a single colour and at any size large or small.

Usually pages of scribbles and sketches exploring concepts can be shortlisted before touching a computer. Then a careful refining process working with the customer to nail the version that is simple, versatile and distinctive. But most importantly communicates a clear message of the business purpose.


These can be useful when logos needs a little help getting a message across. They can also set a tone, convey emotion and help to set you apart from competitors. Global corporations spends thousands (if not millions) getting the right strapline – Apple -Think different, Tesco -Every little helps, L’Oreal – Because you’re worth it, Marmite – Love it or hate it – you may not have budgets on that scale but careful consideration for a few select words can be an awesome branding advantage.

Brand guidelines

Providing our customers with a simple document outlining how to use their logo in various situations can prove invaluable, too often we see logos that have been cropped, condensed and sometimes butchered and it brings a tear to our eyes. Follow clear spacing and alignment guides and your branding will be as fresh and clear as when we hit the save button.

Case studies

Andun Hero


Andun are the experts in field of temporary works and demolition engineering. Having provided their services for over 25 years they’ve expanded their team originally based in Chelmsford to Manchester.

Find a Counsellor Hero

Find a Counsellor

The Find a Counsellor Directory website was created after frustration with the current marketplace. Their USP is to use years of experience and provide a counselling directory service run by actual counsellors. The aim was to provide the right help within three clicks on the site.

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