Email Marketing

There’s so much to be gained from having an email strategy. A staggering 269 million emails are sent each day so quite a few companies have sussed this and are reaping the rewards.

Not just ‘Closed for Christmas’

Hands up those of you who just manage to compile a last minute note informing everyone on your pile of Post-It notes that you’re not open over Christmas? Follow a more considered plan and you’ll not only engage your customers but keep them for longer and encourage them to spend more.

Your audience

You may have a number of contacts on a spreadsheet already, but collating data from sources such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights can hone your mailing list to increase your reach. Building a snapshot of their demographics, location, interests and past purchases means you can really focus your marketing objectives.

Hyper-targeted and relevant messages are far more likely to generate responses and the more times they engage with your email marketing campaign the more valuable you can tailor the content for them.

Utilise technology

Internet marketing solutions these days are mind blowing. Not only is the design and customisation made easier, but adding video and personalisation to enjoy on any number of devices is also now an everyday feature. The provider we work with can connect to hundreds of apps and platforms, combining the designs and audiences in one place for the best possible reach and effectiveness.

Timing is a factor too. Scheduling a series of mailshots maybe around an event or promotion gives you the opportunity to send follow up invites and get feedback too. The list of features is awesome.

Design and content

Good old design rules still stand though. You’ll need an attention-grabbing subject line to guarantee a click through, then a decent headline hook and image to maintain the interest. Educational content, something of value and of course a clear call-to-action are all great starting points. Try and keep the content brief and clear, and more than one call-to-action will increase the chances of interaction.

Remember your branding identity and style guidelines. Your customers will feel re-assured seeing a familiar style and reading in the same tone as their used to.

Jigowatt manage the direct marketing for many of our customers on a regular basis. It’s accepted as a crucial element of their marketing effort and makes good business sense  to use a design agency that understands your brand message.


Finally, you know you’ve nailed your email campaign objective when you sit back and enjoy ‘watching the performance’. It’s a visual tool that gives an insight into where in the world your emails are being opened – by who and for how long – in fact a full analytics suite. An invaluable measure of what worked and what to tweak for the next email in your campaign.

Jigowatt CreateSend Analytics

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