Fit Club

Each Monday morning we all check-in and update on what exercise we’ve been doing, and measure against the previous week.
Jigowatt Fit Club team photo

Fat FIT Club

On top of our regular weigh-ins for Jigowatt’s Fat Club, we’re launching “Fit Club” – our personal weekly goal check-in for any employee wishing to take part.

Each employee picks their own measure of success and competes with themselves each week to improve their own personal goals.

With any luck, the fat club will see the numbers heading down while these ones go up.

See if you can spot the office’s least enthusiastic athlete.

Week Andy (cal πŸ”₯) Jeff (cal πŸ”₯) Luke (cal πŸ”₯) Matt (cal πŸ”₯) Sandra (km πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ)
1 962 1727 4136 859 2
2 797 2871 416 941 5.5
3 1014 3421 561 575 0
4 1805 3768 542 393 12
5 1676 1249 621 1391 -
Since last week
Since starting

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