An update to the best contact form on CodeCanyon!” (customer review 13.01.15)

Jigowatt achieved ‘Elite’ Author status 4 years ago on the online giant website Based in Australia, and operating as a group of eight marketplaces, Envato easily rates amongst the top 100 trafficked websites in the world and Jigowatt have been members since not long after their launch in 2006. Our product sales are just short of 24,000 as the quality of code and ease of use is acknowledged by developers across the globe.

So any new product in our line-up had to be good.

Released this month, our Ultimate PHP, HTML5 and AJAX Contact Form has already been flagged as ‘Trending’ – recognition indeed for a well-executed and thorough piece of code.

We’ve taken all the best bits from our other forms and rolled them into one, cleanly coded, feature rich ultimate form for your PHP websites.

Here’s a list of it’s features:

  • Easy integration/instructions into your current PHP site
  • Progressively enhanced (fully functional without JS or CSS)
  • Field type validation (HTML, javascript fallback with PHP backup)
  • Required field validation
  • Multiple forms per page allowed
  • Pretty select boxes
  • Repeat submission prevention
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack prevention
  • No database required
  • SMTP option available (default is PHP’s mail())
  • Translations via simple JSON file
  • AJAX enabled (no page reloads)
  • CSS animations on messaging and active field
  • Google reCAPTCHA capable (no-captcha-recaptcha), honeypot backup
  • Mobile friendly
  • Supports file(s) uploads to attach to email
  • Multiple “send to” addresses on submission
  • Optional success custom page redirect
  • Extremely clean, well commented code

“What's the next step?”

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