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Fat Club 2015!

Posted 9 years ago


I am Jack’s over-inflated seasonal gut

Christmas is always a great excuse to cram our pudgy little faces with chocolate, biscuits, sweets, cake and booze.

Unfortunately, this leaves a guilty layer of lard on our bodies which can be used to make soap in clever films.

So we’ve started the new year with a brand new challenge, and it’s to get our employees as fit as a fiddle!

If you’re not familiar with the programme “The Biggest Loser”, we’re basically ripping this off and tailoring it to suit our needs…

I am Jack’s inquisitive mind – Where, When, How?

We have a weekly production meeting where we’ll all be weighed (or submit our weight via dated photo) on Monday mornings.

Everyone should wear the same clothes to the meeting each week in order to not add lbs to their weight and hopefully have consistent readings.

Weight loss will be measured as a percentage against our initial weight. Why percentage? Because the heavier you are, the easier you lose lbs doing the same exercises as a slimmer person… it’s just fairer.

This is where the web development task kicks in

Initial Weight = 200 lbs
Total lbs lost = 10 lbs 
Total % lost = 5% ... ( (10lbs/200lbs)*100 )

We’ll be giving away a prize for the “Monthly Biggest Loser” and the “Annual Biggest Loser” to keep ourselves motivated (and we’ll try not to make it a chocolate bar).

The 8 Rules of Fat Club

  1. Talk about “Fat Club”
  3. If someone fails to weigh in, 2lbs are added to their weight
  4. Everyone weighs in
  5. One person on the scales at a time
  6. No jumpers, no shoes
  7. The scales take as long as they take
  8. If you gain weight (3lbs or more) 3 times, you’re disqualified

Project Weigh-hem

You’ll only get that title if you’ve seen Fight Club 😉

Week Andy Luke Matt Sandra Sean
0 (13/01) 199lbs 205lbs 212lbs 156lbs 198lbs
1 (20/01) 198lbs 203lbs 209lbs 156lbs 200lbs
2 (27/01) 198lbs 203lbs 208lbs 156lbs 198lbs
3 (03/02) 197lbs 202lbs 205lbs 157lbs 198lbs
4 (11/02) 195lbs 201lbs 204lbs 156lbs 200lbs
5 (17/02) 196lbs 202lbs off sick 156lbs 198lbs
6 (23/02) 197lbs 203lbs 203lbs 156lbs 197lbs
7 (02/03) 193lbs 202lbs 204lbs 157lbs 198lbs
8 (09/03) 193lbs 200lbs 202lbs off sick 200lbs
9 (16/03) 194lbs 202lbs 202lbs 157lbs 202lbs
10 (24/03) 193lbs 202lbs 202lbs 157lbs 202lbs
11 (30/03) 194lbs 202lbs 199lbs 156lbs off sick
12 (06/04) off sick 203lbs 199lbs 157lbs 203lbs
13 (14/04) 194lbs 204lbs 197lbs 159lbs 201lbs
14 (21/04) 195lbs 204lbs 197lbs 156lbs 201lbs
15 (28/04) 192lbs 203lbs 196lbs 155lbs 203lbs
16 (06/05) 193lbs 198lbs 156lbs 201lbs
17 (12/05) 193lbs 206lbs 196lbs 156lbs 204lbs
18 (18/05) 192lbs 205lbs 197lbs 158lbs 203lbs
lbs difference -7 0 -15 +2 +5
% difference -2.51 -0 -7.08 +1.92 +1.52

“What's the next step?”

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