“It was a matter of when, not how!” 

These are the words of Leo John Gehlcken (33). Since the Senior Designers momentous win last week at the Jigowatt Christmas Party quiz life has been nothing but a frenzy of press conferences, interviews and celebrity appearances. Fresh from putting his John Hancock on what is penned to be the worlds most lucrative book deal, we caught up with him in his suite at the luxurious Kings Cross Travelodge:

JW: Hi Leo. Tell us how you’re feeling right now.

LG: I feel akin to David. The Jigowatt Christmas quiz is my Goliath.

JW: It’s a dream you’ve been chasing for many years now, right?

LG: Yes that’s right. I put my blood, sweat and tears into that quiz for years. I spent the whole taxi ride revising my specialist subject! You could never know how that feels.

JW: How do you react to criticism?

LG: I take criticism as jealousy! Everybody wants a slice of this pie. Nobody knows how hungry I am. VERY hungry, that’s how hungry I am. VERY. You better be pretty darn hungry if you want to sit down at the dinner table with me, that’s all I can say!

JW: Where do you see your career going now?

LG: When you reach the top there’s nowhere to go. I plan to give back to the community. First of all I’m thinking about volunteering at a local cattery. Those cats deserve a chance too!

JW: Thanks for clearing your schedule to talk to us Leo. We wish you every success for the future.

LG: The pleasure is all mine. Help yourself to some cheese and pineapple sticks on your way out.

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