Posted 1 year ago


As proud as we are of the various case studies and refined list of services on our own website, it’s the Jigowatt Fat Club page that gets the most views week after week.

The lockdown effect and a plethora of home baking must make the weekly weigh-in figures compelling viewing, interspersed with random triathlons and Jeff’s applaudable cycling and subsequent [and enviable] weight loss.

So it will be interesting to see the reaction to our new challenge. 

Make sure you check the weekly scores that log our individual attempts to improve on the previous week’s activity level – be it running, cycling, body pump or weight training. Currently, none of us are exercising as we know we should, so the aim is simply to do more and feel better for doing it.
Fat Club scores should look healthier as a result too. 

NB. Andy’s suggestion of Jigowatt ‘Fart’ Club is still up for discussion.

See weekly stats

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