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Modern Web Design Ideas

Web Design Inspiration: Stuck for website ideas?

Working in the creative industry we absorb inspiration on a daily basis from the plethora of superb stuff out there, add that to our 15 years’ experience of what makes an impactful and successful site and bang, we get to work on sites like this……

Bee Ethical

A fresh and inspiring website for a serious fundraising business. 

And one that allowed a little self-indulgence – check out the buzzing bee when scrolling – with no purpose whatsoever other than the feel-good factor.

The bold asymmetric design and honeycomb graphic was a bold leap from their previous site design. Subtle animated SVGs using the simple fresh colour palette add engagement alongside the no-nonsense text. The bespoke photoshoot of real people and straight-talking testimonials are key to really capturing the vibe of the team and company – we know that because we’ve know the business owners for years and we understood their values and aim for the redesign from day one.

Tasteful web design trickery alongside a solid approach and carefully guided content enabled BeeEthical to make a massive improvement in their web presence.

Beckford Consulting

After 13 years of working together we believe we’ve figured out the enigma that is John Beckford.

With more letters after his name than the late great Stephen Hawking, a new site for John and his admirable offering of consultancy services was a fantastic opportunity to push creative boundaries with the design.

Taking inspiration from Art Deco posters from the 1920s, the beautiful colour palette and feint paper texture give the site an earthy feel. Different shapes and elements are deliberately layered with slight movement on scroll to add depth and bring this asymmetric layout to life. The big and bold serif heading font and contrasting sans style for body copy give a pleasant juxtaposition and really makes an impact. Layering the content into blocks with a definite drop shadow also helps differentiate between the sections.

This was a bold move to propose this design. But I guess the 13 year relationship has proved how much we care about our customers, their businesses and the company values. John didn’t change a thing.

Cambridge Ceramics

Peter Ward is one of those joyous clients that has multiple business interests and comes to Jigowatt any time he needs a website. We like Peter Ward.

An offshoot of Online Ceramics, this is a growing marketplace for potters, ceramicists or ceramic artists who showcase and sell anything from mugs to abstract sculptures (there’s some weird and wonderful items on there – you should take a look).

With a beautifully clean design letting the works of art shine, this project is one of the sites we regularly use as a great example of a seamless online shopping experience, yet one that we continually refine. Functionality and subtle design touches dovetail – look out for the subtle entrance animation, the hand-written script font and especially the clever two Cs logo – all sitting very comfortably in the presence of the artistic website content.

This site is serving as inspiration for a current project in the vegan baking marketplace for a new Jigowatt customer. And Peter has been kindly giving FOC advice to our client. As I said, we like Peter Ward.


Our customer base spans diverse markets and also thousands of miles. This Dubai organisation provides secure and connected solutions for mobile and IoT devices.

Working with brands like Vodafone and Virgin Mobile they’ve successfully kept 10 billion connects secure without a single data breach.

So it’s fair to say that Workz have a super keen eye for reliability, the right message and their brand values.

Mark, Rishi and his team consistently evolve their products and services which is why we’re currently on their 4th website redesign in 7 years. Each evolution is a carefully managed project and a retainer arrangement ensures priority ongoing website support as does our Platinum Level Hosting and Care Package.

The About page on the Workz site highlights their values as ’Trusted’, ‘Flexible’ and ‘Inspiring’ which I guess is the reason they continue to work with us.

Liberty Estate Planning

The Liberty Partnership are Chartered Independent Financial Advisors specialising in wealth and retirement planning based in Market Deeping, Peterborough.

They are driven by traditional values based on their outstanding customer service and long term relationships. Liberty can trace its roots back over 20 years and are proud that they still have a large number of original clients and their families working with them to this day.

Having designed and built the parent company Liberty Partnerships website, we knew the team well and understood their need for a site that kept links to the Liberty brand but introduced a fresh approach.

From the initial design, to commissioning stylish isometric illustrations and icons and coding the theme, this site proved to be successful expansion to the Liberty business. 

In typical Jigowatt tradition, we added subtle animation to just the kite in the homepage hero illustration. Personal touches in the design and our overall approach to each project is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

Man Food

Based in Cambridgehsire, this delicious range of pickles, chutneys and sauces was created in the home kitchen of Andre Dang after his husband became bored of bland condiments.

Utilising elements of their striking branding – patterns, colours and font usage – made this an absolute joy to work on. Using Advanced Custom Fields Pro, we provided the option for a pattern and colour on each product type, allowing us to match the brand elements from the each product directly onto the product page.

Andre uses many of the Jigowatt services including initial WordPress training, newsletter design and hosting. And we were more than happy to try out some of his services too – namely the shipping of his tasty gift boxes.

The Purple Company

Inspiration doesn’t always apply just to design.

On this occasion it relates to the importance of a highly detailed specification document or brief when the project is a monster. A Purple monster in this case.

When a third party involved, add a fourth, lots of third party WordPress plugins, plus several decision makers – keeping on track and focussing what has been agreed means the difference between a smooth project process and a potential nightmare. Let’s be honest we had a few sweats with this one.

A bright and cheerful colour scheme together with bold headline fonts result in a great looking, clean and well functioning site for their promotional and personalised corporate clothing.


Until we created this site, I wasn’t aware that such an organisation existed.

QACE promote the safety of merchant ships and offshore structures plus the protection of the marine environment through assessments of the quality management systems of Recognised Organisations.

A no-nonsense, clean layout followed our refreshed logo design, with waves of cool grey and blues. Then a flash of orange for the links.

Stay focussed on the customer and their audience rather than trying to win random design awards and you’ll be a winner regardless.

Fork Truck Control

Congratulations FTC - you have successfully utilised each of Jigowatt’s services.

Website design and development. eCommerce website creation. Hosting. WordPress training. Graphic design. Branding. Email newsletters. Website maintenance retainer. Brochure design.

In the 7 years working together we have certainly become an integral part of the marketing team for this customer who specialise in forklift truck efficiency and safety systems. Starting with the fulfilment of their design for print requirements we refined their brand guidelines and implemented them in the first website redesign in 2016.

Fast forward to the 2021 website redesign and the launch of their first online shop. Utilising Elementor features to reduce build costs and for easier content updates for FTC to manage themselves, and introducing video for the hero image and an interactive diagram to showcase the features of their premium product Optafleet.


Mark and his team hold the award for the longest customer relationship with Jigowatt, 13 years and counting.

Cogitamus are a highly-experienced public affairs and communications business based right here in our hometown of Peterborough and are another example of a client using our full set of services from web design to email marketing.

The original website was built back in 2009. Over the years it has been tweaked and brought up to date but consistently followed the same design. It wasn’t until this year when it received a major visual overhaul.

To grab attention a bubbles video hero block is a nod to the logo design established when the business started back in 2007. We colour graded the video to match the new colour scheme of the website helping re-enforce the brand and keep design consistency. Clever stuff.

I’ll finish with this – when we get to write posts highlighting the great work we do, it serves as a fantastic reminder of how proud we are about the service we provide for our customers and yes, the impressively high level of creativity that we apply to each and everything that we do. uses cookies to make the site simpler. Find out more about cookies.