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Glide is a renowned software company that focuses on developing cutting-edge solutions for accountants to simplify and streamline their client workflow. Recognising the importance of a strong online presence, Glide approached us to revamp their website and effectively communicate their software's benefits to potential customers.


We specialise in creating innovative websites that cater to the unique needs of our clients. In this case study, we will explore how we collaborated with Glide, a leading software company based in the Peterborough area.


  • Outdated Website:
    Glide’s existing website and branding had an outdated design and lacked a clear structure, making it difficult for visitors to navigate and understand the software’s value proposition.
  • Limited Lead Generation:
    The website was not optimised for lead generation, resulting in missed opportunities to capture potential customer information and convert them into qualified leads.
  • Inadequate Information Presentation:
    The website content did not effectively showcase Glide’s software features and benefits, leaving visitors uncertain about its capabilities and value.


We agreed that in order to achieve Glide’s business goals we needed a fresh start and to address their current logo and branding, which was tired and dated. We introduced a new sense of energy and sophistication, perfectly capturing Glide’s innovative approach to software development.

We crafted a new colour palette while also reflecting the vibrant nature of the team. We also selected a more contemporary font, aligning with Glide’s vision for the future and ensuring their branding resonates with their target audience. Through this revitalised logo and branding, Glide now possesses a powerful visual identity that truly represents their forward-thinking software solutions for accountancy practices.

Strategies & Solutions

  • Comprehensive Website Redesign:
    We conducted a thorough analysis of Glide’s target audience, industry trends, and competitor websites to develop a new website design strategy. Our team focused on creating a modern, visually appealing, and user-friendly interface that aligned with Glide’s brand identity and software offerings. Using subtle animation we encapsulated the essence of what the Glide software provides by using seemingly random letters that animate into position for form the words: Visibility, Automation, Control.
  • Clear Value Proposition:
    We worked closely with Glide to refine and articulate their software’s unique selling points and benefits. By highlighting the key features, efficiency gains, and time savings, we aimed to clearly communicate the value of Glide’s software to potential customers.
  • Lead Generation Optimisation:
    We implemented strategic lead generation tactics throughout the website, including prominent call-to-action buttons and optimised contact forms. By offering valuable resources, such as white papers or free trials, we encouraged visitors to provide their contact information, thereby generating qualified leads.
  • Intuitive Navigation and User Experience:
    We redesigned the website’s information architecture and navigation to ensure a seamless user experience. By simplifying menu structures and improving content organisation, we aimed to make it easier for visitors to explore Glide’s software offerings and find relevant information.
  • Engaging Content and Visuals:
    We collaborated with Glide to develop compelling content that effectively conveyed the software’s benefits and use cases. Using an animated SVG flow diagram to visually show how the Glide workflow operates. This included incorporating visually appealing graphics, videos case studies that showcased real-world examples of how Glide’s software streamlines accountant workflows.


  • Enhanced Website Experience:
    Following the launch of the redesigned website, Glide witnessed a significant improvement in user experience. The modern design, intuitive navigation, and optimised content structure led to a significant decrease in bounce rates and increased time spent on the site.
  • Increased Lead Generation:
    The implementation of effective lead generation strategies resulted in a notable  increase in qualified leads captured through the website. The optimised contact forms, compelling call-to-action buttons, and valuable resources played a vital role in converting visitors into potential customers.
  • Improved Conversion Rate:
    With a clearer value proposition and well-placed CTAs, Glide experienced a big improvement in website conversion rates. Visitors were more engaged and motivated to take action, resulting in increased software demo requests and trial sign-ups.


The prominence of workflow animations was an interesting challenge but the finished result really transformed their website into a powerful marketing tool that effectively communicates the value of their software, streamlines their client workflow, and generates qualified leads. Our comprehensive approach to website design, lead generation optimisation, and user-centric strategies helped Glide achieve their objectives of enhancing their online presence and attracting accountants seeking to streamline their client workflow.

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