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Three Potential Measures Of Business Website Success

Posted 8 years ago


Building and maintaining a business website is an important ongoing investment.

Therefore, it is important to regularly monitor its success to maximise the return that your website is delivering and determine how it is contributing to the overall health of your business.

How you define business success will depend on the nature of your business and what you want your site to achieve.

Goals for a website will vary depending on the overall marketing strategy and sales funnels of the business it is built to promote. Goals can range from increasing the profile of a business, generating marketing assets to generating leads or sales directly.

Here are three ways of measuring the success of a business website aside from generating leads of sales directly.

Number Of Website Visitors

The number of website visitors and where they are coming from can be an indicator of the profile of the site and the success of other marketing activity such as SEO, social media, traditional and online advertising.

Analytics can then be used to track conversions of website visits to sales which can identify whether the design of the site is driving conversions or turning potential customers away.

A great way to measure this is using Google Analytics, which can be easily installed into a WordPress site using plugins.

Find out more about Google Analytics

Search Engine Positioning

Tgoogle_analyticshe position of a business in popular search engines particularly Google can be a measure of success for the profile of the business and an indicator towards whether direct sales or leads are likely to be generated.

This can be incredibly important for businesses where the buying decision process is short or the business is local. The position in local search rankings for tradesmen for example can be a huge contributor to the website sales and enquiries generated.

Newsletter Sign Ups Or Information Downloads

If potential customers view your site and like what they see they may sign up for email updates or download more information about your business.

An email newsletter or information download collect data about the visitor to the site allowing you to build trust and keep your business in their mind whilst marketing to them over a longer period of time.

This can be particularly effective if selling products or services business to business.

We do offer a dedicated email marketing service which has been extremely successful for our clients that take us up on it.

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