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Keeping Your WordPress Website Up To Date

Posted 8 years ago


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If your business is running a website using WordPress, then it is important to keep on top of the latest WordPress version and plugin updates.

Keeping your WordPress website up to date is important, because it impacts on the security and performance of your website, whilst also ensuring that your website and the plugins used within it are compatible with each other, and have the latest features.

To see more details on why you should keep on top of your updates, see our post on this here. In this post we would like to share some practical tips on how keep up to date in the most efficient and effective way.

Keeping Your WordPress Site Up To Date – Identifying Updates

There are some plugins that we recommend using for keeping an eye on updates:

Automatic Plugin Updates:

This plugin will let you configure which plugins update automatically for you. You may not want to do this, as you lose control over backing up before an update which can have some risks. But, for those with limited time, it can be useful.

Plugin Vulnerabilities:

This plugin won’t notify you of any updates; instead it will let you know if any of the plugins you have installed have any vulnerabilities.

Now you know the importance of keeping your site up to date & the benefits it includes.

Keeping Your WordPress Website Up To Date – Managing Changes

So, how do you easily manage keeping your WordPress website up to date?

WordPress actually provides a screen just for this. You can access this via Dashboard > Updates.

It’s also extremely important that before you do make any updates to your website that you back everything up. Doing this means that if there are any issues after an update, you can roll the version back and figure out the issue, or report it to the developers.

Here at Jigowatt we do offer WordPress optimised hosting packages, as part of our hosting we’ll manage your site updates for you.

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