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Invaluable contacts

Posted 9 years ago


Working within a business to business environment, it quickly becomes apparent that the need for regular contact with not only your existing clients, but potential new ones, is vital.

So how do you do it, without becoming that ‘bothersome sales person/company’ again? Facebook would now have us believe that paid for advertising is the way forward –  And of course, we’ve all bowed to the mighty Google Ad Words and SEO Ranking methodology in our time; but in today’s world we cannot trust online marketing alone to ensure our new and existing clients keep us at the forefront of their minds, when thinking about new projects or services.

At Jigowatt we pride ourselves in our customer service levels and as such we approach clients using a variety of methods. Always in a professional, non-sales manner, we have found that using the aforementioned methods of marketing is necessary (unfortunately for us all), but the good old fashioned method of going out, meeting and speaking with people and calling them directly does work, providing of course you are able to catch people at the right time, in the right tone and have the right offer for them.

So it’s a numbers game that you have to play and play well to win at. We’ve all had that dreaded pushy sales person on the phone at 5pm talking over you when you simply want to sit back, tidy emails and think about going home – if you can spot yourself being that person early enough, the battle is half won. A common phrase used by professional poker players at tables springs to mind ‘If you can’t spot the sucker at the table within the first 20 minutes, IT’S YOU!’

People running businesses need service and products. If we engage with them at the right level and on their terms and often within their territory/grounds, the word ‘sales’ is almost forgotten, as ‘deals’ and ‘agreements’ are discussed.

“What's the next step?”

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