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Site Launch: KWA Analytics

Earlier this year KWA Analytics approached us to make some changes to their existing website, after we advised what they wanted to achieve in their current website would cost the same as a new site it was agreed by all parties we’d move forward with a redesign. We’re happy to announce it has gone live […]

Site Launch: Classic Leather Fobs

Back in 2014 we built the first website for classic key fob business Classic Leather Fobs. It saw a huge amount of success worldwide from car enthusiasts and we’re happy to announce earlier this week we launched the redesigned site.

Jigowatt on display at Parliament

Another of our large format banners took centre stage recently at a key Parliamentary Reception to reflect and present progress on a major project for one of our customers. Heathrow Southern Railway is a proposal to improve access to the airport by train. As you can imagine it’s a monster undertaking of great environmental importance; […]

What’s your favourite logo?

Some global brands have spent millions on the design and evolution of their logo. Whilst our customers may not have the deep pockets of the likes of Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonalds or Facebook – their logos and brand identities should still be one of the most important aspects of their business. Having worked across a wide […]

Site Launch: Lucy Jayne

At the end of last week we launched a new blog website for Lucy Jayne which is designed to provide her a platform for her to share things she’s interested in. Have a look at her new website here.

1 month since May 25th – are you up to speed with your GDPR?

One month on from the GDPR’s go live, we wanted to mark where Jigowatt stands on Data Protection. Clients should also know what to expect data protection-wise in the coming months. Put simply, we need to work together. We have updated the Jigowatt data protection page, with our upfront Privacy Notice (link to webpage). Backing […]

Jigowatt Powers Up

The huge increase in business for us this year warrants a Plutonium boost for the team. New enquiries are coming from all angles – whether directly from our site, recommendations from customers or existing clients wanting more from their current websites. Plus we’ve also seen an increase in paper based graphic design and point-of-sale requests. […]

Safe in our Hands

Like the world (…not just Europe) and its dog, Jigowatt has been GDPR-focused these last few weeks – ‘GDPR’ means the new EU data protection law that comes into force today (25 May). It’s got to be a good thing though. Personal data privacy needs to be spot on if the so-promised Data Economy is […]

Jigowatt Visits Off-World Colonies

Spoiler Alert! If you’re going to “Secret Cinema presents Blade Runner – The Final Cut: A Secret Live Experience” and don’t want to know anything please stop reading. If you’re one of those people who don’t mind spoilers, carry on. On Friday 20th April the Jigowatt team were transported to World Terminus in Camden London […]