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We’re winding down our current Envato products

Posted 4 years ago


“What the…”

We’ve not enjoyed making the choice to wind down products after 12 years of selling on Envato (CodeCanyon).

We understand a lot of people may be disappointed or even angry about our decision, but it’s one we have to make for the longevity of our business.

We made the decision based on a few factors that we wanted to be open and honest about with you, our customers.

The market (and our focus) has shifted

When we started working with products on the Envato marketplaces it was a new platform. We got in early and had reasonable success.

At least to start with.

As time passed it became clear that it was going to be harder and harder to compete in a very saturated market (more products with similar functionality) without significant time and resource being invested.

We had to focus on building other aspects of our business (WordPress e-commerce and sites for clients).

Time & resource

Almost all of our products have only ever sold for a few dollars at a time.

That’s great for something which doesn’t need support, updates, improvements and a developer’s time.

These all cost our business money.

Unfortunately, we just can’t justify keeping these products going any longer, despite very much wanting to.

For a $10 product, each support request could only be looked at (at our day rate) for no more than 10 minutes before it costs us more money than we make – it’s not good business, and it’s not fair on you to keep lacking in our support.

We’ve tried

Originally, we supported anyone who had purchased our products, regardless of whether or not they renewed their support license.
We switched to supporting only those who were paying for support to keep costs down and the products alive.

We suspended development of the products aside from security and bug fixes.

We debated raising costs, but products would stop being competitive and revenue would fall resulting in their demise earlier than now.

Refunds & support

As we understand a few customers may be a little frustrated after having just bought one of our products, we will be offering full refunds if you can provide evidence of purchase within the last 6 months.

Support for products will no longer be available through Envato.

If you’re in need of support and don’t qualify for a refund, please contact Leandro at Ketri Web for support.

Visit Ketri Web

Open to offers

We, as a business, can’t make these products work for us any longer.

That doesn’t mean a solo developer or another, younger business with lower overheads can’t.

In the interest of our customers, we’re more than open to a new developer taking on the products and continuing to develop them as their own.

Please get in touch if you’re interested.

Moving forward we’re focussing on being the best at what we love most – WordPress website design. Helping create successful eCommerce websites and utilising our years of design experience for impactful logos and branding solutions.

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