I’ve got a little itch, down there. Would you mind?

The Jigowatt team were given the red carpet treatment as we entered the world famous Casino Royale, Montenegro yesterday.

As undercover MI6 agents we were briefed for our mission that took us across the globe. Villains, poker games, flames and a glorious selection of Aston Martins filled the evening at our annual ’Secret Cinema’ immersive experience.  

Sampling vodka martinis in the Skyfleet Bar and pasta in Venice with some narrow scrapes along the way as our mission came to a dramatic conclusion. Sworn to secrecy as always we cannot reveal too much, but the lads carefully selected their seats ensuring some parts of the movie were not too authentic an experience!

Written by Sandra Morrison Director

A founder member of Jigowatt, and previous creative team manager within publishing giant Bauer, Sandra brings experience and skills on many levels. Turning her hand to anything from project management, concepts and copywriting to all things financial, admin and tea-making.

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