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Lockdown Learnings – Our Top Threes

Posted 4 years ago


Working from home has been the norm for the Jigowatt team for almost 5 years but we thought we’d share some new experiences during the current lockdown.

Up to mid-March this year we did, however, rent a meeting room every Wednesday at Allia Future Business Centre, near the Peterborough Football Ground. The great thing about Wednesdays (apart from copious amount of coffee and cake) was sitting with 3-dimensional people, looking at each other and not screens when having in-depth discussions about projects, plans and what we’re cooking for tea that night. Plus having the freedom to wander into town and meander around the shops within 2 metres of other folks.

Wednesdays also meant putting on proper clothes and not wearing your Star Wars onesie all day only changing the top half for that important Zoom call – but all was about to change.

So what top three business crucial, life-changing facts have come to light in the past 10 weeks. In our own words:

Andy Donovan

  1. You can survive solely on cake and alcohol
  2. Avoid turning your head on Skype calls and save time by only brushing your fringe
  3. The number of customers who have dogs who want to upstage their owners

Sandra Morrison

  1.  The decimal point seems to have moved in our weekly Fat Club entries.
  2. We’ve started to target hair care companies to get free products
  3. A saving of over £100 per month on office coffee and cake

Matt Kersley

  1.  Ofsted luckily aren’t doing home-schooling visits – good job, we’d be rated “bloody inadequate”
  2. Coffee consumption has increased, along with everything else
  3. Clapping for the NHS isn’t nearly as effective a solution for health workers when compared to an old man doing laps of his garden – Go Captain Tom!

Luke Reid

  1. Leia (my dog) has mastered guilt trips for more playtime
  2. Having to limit the amount of snack/biscuit trips
  3. Extended walks on lunch to get plenty of ‘away from screen’ time

With food and drink consumption featuring highly for each of us, it’s clear to see how we’re coping. 

We’re lucky though in many ways – workload has been unaffected (we’re busier if anything) – so we’ve gained some pounds in our business account as well as on the bathroom scales. But more importantly, we’re all healthy and smiling.

Stay safe all.

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