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The best web-based blog sites to visit

Posted 4 years ago


If you follow us on social media you’ll see that we regularly showcase the latest websites we’ve builtblog posts and the services we offer. We also like to share industry news from several websites and thought we’d highlight these sites and the reasons we visit them every week and find them inspiring. 


The first is Yoast’s own SEO blog. If you’re a fan of doing your own SEO they provide regular posts about various SEO topics like which pages to index or no follow to linking hierarchical post types. These posts can really help you improve your websites SEO score without depending upon an external agency. 

They also provide design tips that can help improve your website’s usability like how to design clear call to actions. So if you have only used their plugin and not really looked into what else they have to offer, it’s certainly worth your time.

WP Beginner

If you’re familiar with WordPress you’ve probably heard of this one because of the fantastic posts they write helping people get into WordPress and explaining how to do basic things like getting images side by side or how to add menu items.

These may seem like very easy things to do if you’ve been using WordPress for years, but we’re introducing many of our clients to WordPress for the very first time. So having a resource which can help them with the basics without having to depend on us is extremely helpful. 

Web Design Depot

We love the team over at Web Design Depot as they go into more in-depth aspects of web design. They have written and insightful posts discussing topics like how we can harness new technologies to track user attention and do we care about websites looking the same.

One of our favourite features they write about every month is monthly design trends. This showcases some of the most popular design trends that are appearing in the community and ways they can be used. 


This team of plugin developers provide some of the best plugins on the market including Smush, which is on the list of our favourite plugins (insert the link to post when it goes live) but they also have a fantastic blog.

They discuss the ways you can get the most out of their plugins to how you can increase your website traffic. It great to get this level of advice for free directly from the developers which you don’t often get. 

These are our favourite blogs we visit on a regular basis, but we’d also like to mention sites like WP TavernWP ExplorerSmashing Magazine and WP Mayor.

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