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3 Ways Cheap Web Design Could Be Killing Your Business

Posted 8 years ago


cheap web designWhilst every business needs to keep control of costs cheap web design can be a false economy.

There are few businesses that would not acknowledge the value of having a business website. Yet there is a huge difference between budget sites that offer an internet brochure, and a strategically designed site tailored to the functionality requirements of the business.

Typically, a reduction in cost is a trade-off with the value and potential that your site has to offer. Invariably this means sacrificing functionality or quality by using generic solutions rather than those tailored to the needs of your business.

We have outlined 3 ways cheap web design could be killing your business.

1) Poor SEO Making It Harder To Get Found

Getting your business found by pulling people to your site via search engines can be a powerful revenue generator for your business.

However cheap web design may not offer a comprehensive solution that will accurately position your site in the eyes of key search engines to the audience you are trying to attract.

Effective SEO requires research and expert implementation to ensure your business can be found by potential customers. Ineffective SEO can lead to increased customer acquisition costs due to the need to push traffic to the website such as advertising.

2) Lost Sales Due To A Poor User Experience

Cheap web design is often created from out of the box templates, whilst these may suit some businesses they may not be tailored to the needs of your customers.

This can include tweaking settings to ensure your site loads quickly, that plugins and functionality works seamlessly and that users can find what they need painlessly.

If your users cannot navigate your site quickly, then they will likely leave before converting into customers. Therefore, we recommend finding a web design company that will look at the journey of customers through your site.

3) Insufficient Functionality or Lost Automation Opportunities

An effective website is designed with functionality that is optimised to match the marketing and operations of the business.

Cheap web design may not include higher level functionality that can improve the customer journey and streamline customer acquisition and management.

This could range from e-commerce automation with fulfilment, or allowing customers to book using real-time availability information.

Failure to implement the right functionality and automate processes can lead to lost sales and also increase support and fulfilment costs.

So investing more in your website will give you the tools to target your customers better and achieve your aims quicker.

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