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What if you never had to hawk your services again, because your potential customers trusted you implicitly? That’s where content marketing comes in. In a world where we’re all jaded to advertising, people are desperate for independent, trusted sources of information. Content marketing helps you answer the most pressing needs and queries in your niche, so that your audience instinctively leans towards your brand.

What can great content marketing do for you?

Content marketing can skyrocket your sales, generate new business leads and supercharge user engagement and brand awareness, by making you a key source of invaluable, independent information and authority in your business niche.

Rather than pushing people to buy your products or services by shouting about how great you are, content marketing employs the most effective form of advertising: trust. By finding solutions to your audience’s problems and providing in-depth, useful answers to questions that aren’t about your product, you make your brand indispensable to potential customers.

What content marketing services do we offer?

Content strategy

We’ll work with you to draw up a content strategy that targets your audience at every stage of their engagement with you. We’ll turn your audience seamlessly from site visitors to customers, by the pure value and relevance of your content, as well as boosting your rankings and site traffic.

Target audience and purchase journey

Powerful content marketing starts with your target audience: the people who currently use your products or services, and the people most likely to use them in the future.

Knowing your target audience helps you serve them with the most relevant content, and focuses your resources on the group of people most likely to convert. We will:

Keyword Gap Analysis

SEO is central to driving your sales, and your content creation needs to rank not just for high-volume keywords, but keywords which are more likely to convert audiences into buyers.

While it’s great to rank for ‘dog food’ if you sell pet supplies, if you also rank for low-search, high-intent keywords like ‘hypoallergenic dog food’, you’ll show up top for all those people who need highly specific advice on food for their allergy-prone dogs, and are looking to buy now.

Not only this, but if you’re coming up with top-quality answers for niche questions as well as broad ones, you’re increasing trust in your audience. You’ll be seen as a rich, expert source of information for the most specific topics in your area.

Content gap analysis

Our content gap analysis will take stock of your existing content. Our aim is to make every blog page work for your site, from improving its rankings for top keywords, to increasing brand authority in your niche. 

We’ll enhance the user experience and structure of any content that doesn’t rank well, to increase its position on Google and draw in high traffic to your site. This includes:

Content creation

After conducting our analysis of your target audience and content and keyword gaps, the next step is content creation.

We’ll create content that provides unbeatable value to your audience, ramping up your site traffic and kicking your competitors down the Google ladder. Our content services include:

Guest post link building

Using our guest post link building strategy, we’ll identify high-traffic sites with powerful domain ratings, which cover topics related to your brand.


Our blogging service can supercharge your Google rankings, and transform you into a highly respected authority in your niche.

Not just in terms of your product, but in all tangentially related issues and questions. For example, if you’re a pet shop brand, you’ll have content which answers the most specific questions around pet health, in as much detail as top veterinarian websites. We will:

Video marketing

Producing compelling, useful and viewer-oriented video is a vital way to improve your sales and brand authority through content marketing.

The stats speak for themselves: social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content, and viewers retain 95% of video messages to 10% of text. Our video marketing services include:

Social media content

We use social media about as much as we breathe these days, so you’ll need a sharp strategy to stand out, deliver quality information to your audience, and convert viewers into customers.

White papers

In the age of the internet, anyone can claim to be anything, and we’re never short of fast, inaccurate information. That’s why standing out as a true authority in your business niche is the perfect way to instil trust in your audience.

White papers are long, in-depth content, often complete with original research, and unique insight into trends and issues. They’re a great way of proving, not only that you know what you’re talking about, but that you’re the one actually carrying out the innovations and groundbreaking discoveries in your industry.

Email marketing

Strong email campaigns are core to powerful content marketing. Emails are 66% more likely than other forms of communication to convert your visitors into customers.

Sales copy

So, you’ve positioned yourself as the ultimate source of useful, independent content to your audience. Now, it’s time to strike with a killer copywriting strategy, just as they’re ready to buy.

Our sales copy will smooth the final steps of your visitors’ purchasing journey, ensuring that there is no friction between their needs as a buyer and what you’re providing on your website.

Case studies

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Liberty Partnership are Chartered Independent Financial Advisors specialising in wealth and retirement planning based in Market Deeping, Peterborough. They are driven by traditional values based on their outstanding customer service and long term relationships.

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Based in the Lincolnshire Fens, ClothSpot is a site dedicated to fabrics. Saddened at the loss of fabric stores on the high street, ClothSpot provides a mind-blowing selection of fabrics to inspire your next big idea.

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