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5 Things That Affect Trust In Your Website

Posted 8 years ago

Trust in your website

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Establishing trust in your company to potential customers is an important part of marketing your business. Consumers are unlikely to buy a product or service from a company/brand they do not trust.

In the digital world your website and what it portrays about your business is a vital part of this process.

Your website is the portal linking your business and your customers, so the impression of trust this builds will have a huge influence on the reputation of your business.

When visiting a website visitors make a series of conscious and unconscious decisions that will affect the level of trust they have for your business. To ensure all our clients have trusted websites we offer various services like branding, bespoke website designs and many more.

Here are some of the things on your website that will deter visitors from trusting you.

1. Out Of Date/Archaic Design

An old and obviously out of date website creates a perception that either your website is no longer trading or that you do not care about your business.

This negative impression makes it unlikely that someone is going to want to buy from you based solely on their experience of your web presence.

2. Sketchy/Incomplete Information

Content across the site is valuable, If your website is sketchy/has incomplete information then this suggests that you lack knowledge about your area of business, or you have something to hide.

Make sure that you invest time into creating content and information that reflects the impression you are trying to give potential customers.

3. No Blog Content

Blog content allows your customers to see that your business is active and knowledgeable in the field in which you operate.

Blogs are the perfect opportunity to tell your story and build trust, so a site without one is losing a tremendous opportunity.

4. Lacks Traditional Contact Information

If your website lacks traditional contact information like a landline telephone number or registered address, then this will raise suspicion about your business to potential customers.

Traditional contact information clearly displayed suggests an openness and permanence to your business that creates an element of inherent trust that you are who you say you are and will deliver on your promises.

5. No Testimonials or Reviews

Reviews and testimonials show visitors to your website that other people have trusted your business before and you have produced results.

Happy customers are powerful advocates for your business.

A website without testimonials or reviews creates the impression that the business is either inexperienced or that no-one has had a positive experience .

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