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1 month since May 25th – are you up to speed with your GDPR?

One month on from the GDPR’s go live, we wanted to mark where Jigowatt stands on Data Protection. Clients should also know what to expect data protection-wise in the coming months. Put simply, we need to work together. We have updated the Jigowatt data protection page, with our upfront Privacy Notice (link to webpage). Backing […]

So you THINK you know how to keep up-to-date?

Should & Shouldn't Fashion Comparison

Gone are the days when ‘not keeping up-to-date’ simply meant a questionable fashion sense. Here’s a quick reference guide to avoid the most common mistakes when updating your website: 1) You SHOULD back up your website first 2) You SHOULDN’T hit update without understanding the changes 3) You SHOULD test the site after 4) You […]

Email Authentication

We’ve been creating email newsletters for many years now, they’re a great way of getting targeted business information or promotions out to the customers of your choice. Recently ’email authentication’ has become extremely important when sending out newsletters. Having your emails authenticated means that the email the customer is receiving is actually coming from your […]

7 WordPress Security Tips & Tricks

WordPress currently occupies 27% of all websites online, that’s around 15,000,000 websites and because of this it’s open to malicious scripts that try to cause problems for you. But don’t let this scare you, if you follow our 7 security tips you’ll minimize the risk of being at mercy of a hack. 1. Keep WordPress […]