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Why Mobile Optimisation Matters For Your Business Website

Posted 8 years ago


What you want people to do when they visit your website, as well as their overall experience and ease of use, are important considerations during the web design process.

Combined with the increasing use of the internet from mobile devices, this means that mobile optimisation should be a key concern for your business website.

What Is Mobile Optimisation

Mobile optimisation is the process of ensuring that your website can be easily accessed and operated from a mobile or tablet device.

These devices vary in screen size, which means that websites must be responsive to the available space, and sensitive to whether the screen is accessed as a portrait or landscape image.

Sites that are not optimised may be slow to load, and may squash the desktop design onto a smaller screen making it harder to read and engage with.

What Mobile Optimisation Delivers

Mobile optimisation means providing users on a mobile device with a better user experience. This can include larger and easier to read text and buttons that are easier to press with clumsy fingers, maybe on public transport, when walking etc.

These sites should be designed to load as quickly as possible, and be less bandwidth intensive for users accessing over 3 or 4G networks.

Mobile Is Taking Over

In recent years the amount of web traffic that comes from mobile devices has surged with the widespread availability of affordable smart phones and tablets that have internet access.

At the beginning of 2015 61% of the UK population used their mobile handset to access the internet, which means that it is vital your business is accessible.

How Google Has Changed Search To Match Mobile Trends

Previously we have talked about the businesses that have not yet made their sites mobile friendly, and the impact it can have on search engine results. So we build our websites with a mobile first approach to help improve our clients search engine optimisation.

With more than half of searches now done via a mobile device, Google have adapted their search algorithm to reflect this – meaning that sites that are not mobile optimised or what Google deems “mobile friendly” will not rank as highly on mobile search. Find out if you are affected by taking the test here

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