Congratulations to our BTTF easter egg winners!

It’s all over, #BTTFday has been and gone, and now we’re sad… well, we’re not, but we miss it already. We ran a cryptic competition to find the Easter eggs on our homepage, and both of our winners came from Twitter!

Competition Winners

@uptonandrea easter egg winner

What a brilliant competition, I love a challenge and that took me the best part of the afternoon to figure out!

@meaddthree easter egg winner

I really enjoyed it and thought it was about right cryptic wise.  Always love a good puzzle!


How’d they figure it out?

Well, let’s look at the clues now the hype of the day has calmed down.

  1. We offer all TYPEs of services
  2. We NAMEd our company based on the films
  3. The HOMEPAGE has plenty of CHARACTER
  4. It’s Best IF you’re the First person.

By paying close attention to the bold text, we have “type, name, homepage, character, and Biff”.
This hinted that you needed to type “Biff” onto the homepage.

homepage easter eggWe also hinted to another character in one of our tweets in the morning (Mayor Goldie Wilson or Goldie).

So from all of this, you had two names to try out, you just needed to guess the last two!
I bet you can guess who these are now?

So here’s the full list of names:
Biff, Marty, Emmett and Goldie.

So go ahead, give them a go.
Type all four names into the homepage (anywhere).

Oh, and we recommend turning your sound on for extra amusement.

Written by Matt Kersley Senior Webbie

Matt is our go-to all-rounder; from design and development, to server admin and project management. With over fifteen years experience working on websites for organisations like Expedia, Virgin, Egmont, Autogas and a myriad of smaller companies, Matt brings a wealth of experience and skills.

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