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Variable Products Take Centre Stage

Posted 6 years ago


We’re happy to announce the release of version 5.8.5 of our Custom Gateway Product Designer plugin. It comes packed full of new features and fixes. Since the plugin launched people have asked us to implement the ability to have variable products, we’re happy to say it’s finally here.

Once you’ve updated your plugin you should notice that in the product data > product type drop down you have a new product type, Variable Gateway3D Stock Item.

This works if you have more than one product option on your stock items. For example, if you are selling t-shirts and you have multiple sizes as separate products in CPP this is what you will use. Simply select the product type and set your product up as usual. When you are editing your variable product data apply the SKU assigned to that product size in CPP and you’ll be good to go.

We’ve also included the ability for you to have variable products within an iframe. This works if you have more than on product option on your customisable items. For example, if you are selling t-shirts with the ability to add custom text/images then also allow the user to select the colour and or size this is what you will use. The parent product needs to be set to Personalise-iT and have the full Product iFrame URL entered, you then need the child products to be simple products that are hidden with the corresponding price/SKU assigned to them. Once this is set up you can go back to the parent product and add the variations by adding the child products to the Grouped Products section.

Quality of Life Updates

Previously when you set your product to Personalise-iT you would have to publish the product before being able to enter any of your data. We’ve changed this so now soon as you set it to Personalise-iT the new data tab will appear and you’re good to go!

We’ve introduced a entirely new field for you to enter the full mobile iframe URL incase it needs and specific parameters that your desktop app may not require.

You can now manage stock for your stock items directly through WooCommerce.

All product types now support an alternate GUID. This is a primary GUID and we can either use the global GUID setting or this alternate GUID if found on a product. This will facilitate sending -separate- orders for these GUIDs.

With Custom Gateway Licensed Content only the Personalise-iT product type will also have a ‘secondary’ GUID that will get sent along with the Primary or Alternate GUID in an order.

There is much more included so please make sure you check out changelog for all of the changes. We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new features and updates.

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